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In Topic: Walmart and Target no longer taking video games for trade in.

25 May 2019 - 07:25 AM

Shame, they were few and far between but I had several major trade-in scores and saves through those two.
- Had multiple trades worth as much or more than what I had paid thanks to GCU.
- Got over $80 for the Wii Xenoblade and some other game when Walmart had some insane trade-in bonus which required a manager (and four associates scratching their heads) to approve as the wording of the trade offer didn't match what was ringing up.
- Didn't care for Dragon's Crown Pro/wanted to wait on the digital version, got the same amount I paid for it with GCU at Walmart.
- There was like a B1G150% off on 3DS titles at Best Buy and I ended up getting Majora's Mask for $12 after GCU and trading in Xenoblade Chronicles 3D at Target.
Sad to see it end, but I don't really trade things in anymore, so it's not a huge loss. Plus there's always Craigslist!

All good things come to an end... I traded in over 80 copies of Titanfall 1 and made about $35 per copy the first week they did the 3x trade in credit. I also traded in over 50+ GameCube games that were scratched TO HELL for $30 each. Then 20-30 other random games? I used all this newfound money to buy my siblings and me three Xbox ones as well as some games. That was in 2014 and that $5000-6000 trade in credit served me well, I finally used the rest of it on my switch purchase in 2017.

In Topic: Meijer 11/4-11/10: B2G1 Free Sale - Includes Switch games!

11 November 2018 - 04:24 AM

How does Meijer handle returns on these? I picked up Octopath and Mario Odessy since neither were on the Black Friday spreadsheet. The only other thing I could find that also wasn't on the list was Red Dead Redemption 2, but I have 0 desire to actually play RDR2.

Almost positive only one game is free on the receipt and they aren't prorated. I got gift receipts so I'm going to try and return one game and see.