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In Topic: FS: Silver PSP Slim

19 June 2008 - 03:14 AM

SOLD - thanks :)

In Topic: FS: Silver PSP Slim

17 June 2008 - 12:30 PM

I hate to say that most of the offers I am getting through PM and email are in fact 180+. I'm not looking for hostility, and for many people adding a CFW does in fact add value... but that's not why I'm getting higher offers... it is because of the accessories with it, 3 GB of memory, Screen Protector and TV cable as well a few UMDs. It's a BUNDLE, and I'm not breaking it up so someone can get a system only.

If you want a cheap retail PSP, then get a coupon and go buy one new like a real CAG or go to gamestop and 'CAG-in' a bunch of stuff!

This thread is not for hostility, it's just a trade thread man... there are more important things to get worked up over in this life!

Thanks for all the PMs - responses have been sent!

In Topic: FS: Silver PSP Slim

16 June 2008 - 07:31 PM

I am doing some spring cleaning and came across three UMDs I am including in the package:

Family Guy 'freakin sweet collection'
Lumines (version that could be used for PSPPhat modding)

I have as of now responded to all PMs... thanks and keep them coming!

In Topic: FS: Silver PSP Slim

29 May 2008 - 06:29 PM

Thanks for the offer, but Vista don't pay for grad school! Sorry :)

In Topic: FS: Silver PSP Slim

15 May 2008 - 04:17 PM

Yipes! Sorry for the mispost! Ummm.... edited! Does it look better now?

PS. I've responded to a couple of PMs about this too - thanks!