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In Topic: Sunday Ad Video Game Deals (11/9 to 11/15) All Games B2G1 Free at Target, XB1...

30 October 2014 - 05:10 PM

Does this work with PC games? Warlords of Draenor comes out Nov 13th.

In Topic: Wal-Mart Tradein 50% Bonus toward Madden 15

05 September 2014 - 12:55 AM

When you say "physical giftcard", what does the mean exactly? Is it shipped to your home? How long does that take? Do you do store pickup? Can you print it out at your home?


What is the limit you can put on a giftcard?

It is a physical, plastic giftcard that is shipped to your home. I got mine a few days ago, so it took about a week.


As far as I know you can buy an e-gift card with the gift card you already have, I just like to have a physical card when it is a large amount of money. Makes it harder to get mixed up with other papers and junk.


The limits appear to be $200 for an e-giftcard and $1000 for the physical gift card.

In Topic: Wal-Mart Tradein 50% Bonus toward Madden 15

27 August 2014 - 04:30 AM

Can you list the process for converting the barcode-less e gift card on to a physical one?


for example:

1:  scan physical gift card

2:  select add funds

3: type in gift card number (like you described above)

4: ...........???


Yeah so here's what they would do at the physical store:


1. Scan a new (unused) physical gift card. It will ask "New gift card? 1- Yes 2- No"

2. They hit Yes and it asks for an amount. They enter the exact amount you have on your e-giftcard 

3. They hit "Total".

4. For payment, they choose gift/store card. It will ask them to swipe card/enter account number. 

5. They enter the numbers that follow the 3 zeroes under where the barcode should have printed out (this should be the last 16 digits)

This is where I forget... bear with me.

6. If entered correctly, it will then ask for the PIN(?) they then enter the pin. 

OR (if that doesn't work)

6. It doesn't ask for PIN then I believe you have to add the PIN onto the end of account number.

7. From there the transaction should go right through since the e-giftcard had enough $ on it to cover the cost of the plastic one.

8. You now have a nice plastic gift card with the balance of your shitty e-giftcard on it!


Just as a note - there may be issues if you do this in-store. Most cashiers/CSMs won't allow you to exchange a gift card for another gift card. In this case I would argue there is an exception, because the Walmart trade-in system didn't work correctly (didn't print the f'ing barcode) and you shouldn't have to be inconvenienced by that fact.


I have made the e-gift cards from the trade-in promo into physical plastic ones before, so it is absolutely doable. The only thing that matters is how intelligent the cashier is, and how well you can communicate what happened & what you need them to do.


If you have to, ask to speak to someone who would know. Don't just ask "Can I speak to your manager?" because some of them aren't going to be any help either. Usually there's 1-2 good CSMs and maybe a good manager in my store at any given time. Sometimes there are none, which is why I take it upon myself to learn f'ing everything.

In Topic: Wal-Mart Tradein 50% Bonus toward Madden 15

27 August 2014 - 01:20 AM

I did a trade in yesterday and had the same problem. They only have one CPU and it's very old. First I had to track down the wireless lady, she was getting carts outside. Then it took her 3 tries cuz the first 2 froze. Then it prints out my paper but I didn't realize no barcode till I was checking out.

All in all it took over 2 hours. They couldn't figure out how to use it without a barcode.


Yeah so that's a huge bitch. So for example the gift card doesn't print right and under where the barcode SHOULD be (it's a empty image symbol, the X in two boxes) there's a long number like 874586227890006096692404533690. The gift card number comes after those 3 zeroes so it would be 6096692404533690. Then the PIN is next to the dollar amount at the top of the card.


Do yourself (and the walmart employees) a favor and buy a physical giftcard from www.walmart.com with that paper one. Or have them make it into a physical one in-store using the information I've provided.


It's not common Walmart employee knowledge unfortunately. I JUST figured it out after remembering something a CSM told me last holiday season when we had a similar issue.

In Topic: Wal-Mart Tradein 50% Bonus toward Madden 15

26 August 2014 - 06:19 PM

Yes a paper gift card. Their system wasn't printing the barcode at my walmart so they had to manually give me a plastic GC.

Oh god someone tell me this isn't system-wide? My store is having difficulty printing the barcodes for trade-in gift cards too. Makes it so we have to frigging enter the card manually...