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#14223171 Target Clearance Thread XXIV

Posted by ants718 on 29 October 2019 - 11:05 PM

Found a clearanced - MyCharge Unplugged 10K fast wireless power bank for $21. Originally $70. Thought it was a good price.

#14114830 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by ants718 on 06 January 2019 - 04:29 AM

Side note. I haven't seen any Southwest cards at my local stores lately. I remember they said they removed some cards in December. Has anyone seen Southwest cards lately?

I've seen Southwest airlines cards as t gamestop today but didn't try to buy them...

#14044066 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by ants718 on 26 August 2018 - 03:53 AM

Crap promotions = non trading action = waiting = boring.

#14029668 Official Playstation VR Deals and Discussion Thread

Posted by ants718 on 23 July 2018 - 07:08 AM

I agree, as much as I like to be a CAG, a used headset sounds nasty to me. The headset makes me sweat and that foam headband soaks it up. Not enough Clorox wipes for that. But to each their own.

Haha! Didn't think of the sweat. That pretty much turned me off to buying used. Thanks. 🤘

#13913696 Official Xbox Marketplace Trade Thread - READ THE OP! ONE POST EVERY THRE...

Posted by ants718 on 24 December 2017 - 07:20 PM