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#14273838 Microsoft Rewards Breakdown

Posted by Cinétiste on 20 March 2020 - 04:42 AM


Looking to go gold using some reward points, 20,000, that's a lot of points for 3 months.


Does the xbone still allow gold privileges (multiplayer online) for all gamertags as long as there's a  gold tag on their home console?

Gamepass Ultimate?





I have not written here for a long time.
This is a good occasion and I will answer you with pleasure.

Firstly, it is worth much more, if possible, to take a year of "Gold" - 12 months for 29 000 points.
Also, "Xbox Live Gold" subscriptions are sometimes offered for less, like 12 months for 24 000 points.


Secondly, yes, all the privileges of any subscriptions are accessible to all profiles on the home console.

Any player on it can play the "Games with Gold", the "Game Pass" games and the multiplayer modes.
It is only important to remember to acquire the "Games with Gold" in time, each two weeks, with the subscribed profile.


"Game Pass Ultimate" includes "Gold", "Game Pass" and "Game Pass for PC".
("Game Pass for PC" is currently at 1 $ to begin)



As there is still an excellent promotion that adds 1 month and converts all memberships to "Ultimate Game Pass" for 1 $, if this would be your first subscription to the service, it would be a good idea to wait after you have got a year of "Gold", before to take the promotion, which would give you finally more than a year of "Ultimate Game Pass".

Some people seize the opportunity to acquire the maximum amount of three years this way, but this would already be a good deal.


Feel free to ask any question you may have,
Hoping it can help you,

Best regards.