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In Topic: Ok, I gotta rant here...

30 March 2012 - 05:32 PM

having the boxes and the ads literally in your face at every USPS store/location is just for marketing. when you start to see these everytime you go, you're tempted everytime to use the service. it works for them and yeah, they do lose money because people decides to use them for other purposes. as someone who ships hundreds of packages each month, if you actually calculate the amount of postage and the supplies you use, its pretty much the same. the only difference is what vinny mentioned: its pretty much the best bang for your buck.

but with that said, it is sad that people often use priority mail boxes and supplies for their own needs other than using it as youre supposed to. here in new york city, its even worse when kids use the stickers to draw graffiti on them and spread them out through the city. small business are also using the boxes to ship their goods from store to store (using it as a an everyday box), etc. the other day i was at the thrift store and the store was selling priority mail boxes. maybe someone donated the boxes and they didnt know they're free and not supposed to sell them? who knows.

In Topic: Amazon marketplace seller help (regards to pot. dispute)

14 March 2012 - 07:44 AM

you will lose this claim. im not trying to be mean but ive had many cases where the buyer simply damaged a toy or a video game and you cant do anything about it. recently i sold a game and i had it returned to me (through FBA i sold it) and found that the game was missing.. but theres no harm in trying so gather all the pictures of the packaging and the item itself

the only way you'll win this is if the buyer is doing this to retaliate against you for not taking a return that is past the return period.

you could also file a claim at USPS if thats the one you use to ship this product from. again you will need a lot of proof and USPS could only do upto $50 if you presented a good argument.

In Topic: Reduced Price Guide Thread-Lucky Number XIII(FAQ in 2nd post)

12 March 2012 - 07:17 AM

I'm just surprised that it took this long for someone at Best Buy to implement a way to deny penny guides… and please don't be too surprised if GameStop starts making similar changes in the near future.

gamestop have already made changes. its the employees that needs to change by not following the company's protocols.

i wish someone will create a bar of soap that will last for eternity so i dont have to buy a new one everytime the other runs out. yes nothing last forever, i think we understood that. but for someone to intentionally try to kill something all of us cag have for however many years this has been going on again is a crime to us all.

this is a deal site and has been since it started. blocking a deal just so nobody else gets it is completely absurd. for many years, i dont think anyone had ever done that here until iatcag thinks its OK to do so cause he cant have any for himself. we all yell and scream at the guy who calls the store to look for penny guides or other ymmv deals including glitches.. lesson learned to that fellow until we get a similar or even better deal later on. but for penny guides - it might not come back. for many years we got away with it. one person speaks freely about it to the publisher, 2 months later its all done for.

In Topic: Reduced Price Guide Thread-Lucky Number XIII(FAQ in 2nd post)

12 March 2012 - 04:31 AM

some of you seems to be forgetting that this was mentioned previously.

If by recycle you mean sell them to the one flea market seller in the Merchant's Village in Pittston, then yep they do. But hopefully not anymore since I got both Penguin Group(that owns BradyGames) and Random House(that owns Prima Games) involved.:twisted:

I let them know that apparently BB was selling items they told the publishers they 'destroyed' to a third party seller and making money after being given a credit from the publishers.

Yeah. I'm a dick like that.
I also negged the one BB chick who was buying/reselling them years ago for 'overcharging for shipping' on a single guide I purchased from her eBay account.:evil:

iatcg, i have nothing against you or what you do in this board. but you probably ruined the penny guide deal at bby for all of us..

most of the B&M deals here are YMMV, you may get in on it or you may not. killing the deal and being honest about attempting to kill THIS SPECIFIC DEAL for the rest of us because you cant get your hands on any is crime against your fellow cag. we have proof that you tried to ruin it for us and thats good enough proof.

i would ban you myself but i have no power to do that. but you should be for doing what you did.

In Topic: What happened to SHC-Gamer and the Kmart thread???

07 February 2012 - 04:11 AM

Here's the thing. I loved the K-Mart thread, and I truly appreciate the effort that was put forth. I probably shopped more in K-Mart during that period than I had throughout the entire last decade. But, the way things were being run simply was not sustainable. You can't give out coupons worth $10 or $20 or even $30 off your next purchase with every single new release, because what's going to happen is that eventually no one is going to be paying full price for anything, and you end up taking a loss for each item sold. Were any of us going to K-Mart for any other reason than to buy games and get coupons? The only way a promotion like this works is if it works as a loss leader and gets you into the store to buy other stuff, and my guess is that for the majority of us, that was not the case.

the idea of rewarding customers is simply an old tactic that stores use to lure you in. if youre going to buy something that is worth $30 with your $30 gaming coupon, then the company will eventually loose out of steam of those deals (and i think thats eventually what happened). its almost like a temporary rebate valid only on specific dates.

i think kmart just needs a certain amount of games sold when theres a new release to get their capital back and whatever's left over (games) would be their profit. other stores have done this sort of thing before just not with video games.

ultimately, the only good thing that came out of the whole kmartgamer deals is the fact that now, more people are aware that kmart do and still sells video games. its just sad to see kmartgamer go because it made you think that you have a personal connection towards the store by allowing their employee to reach out to their customers. i dont think any companies have done that in the past.