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Yesterday, 12:26 PM

Trade bans should be effective across all stores. I remember getting abnned and just thinking the employee at the first store I went to was being an a-hole. Then I went to the second store and the employee sowed me the screen saying I went over the trade limit (or whatever it says, can't remember as it was like 3 years ago).


Fun fact about liquidating stores, you can still use giftcards/TIC. Hit a store that was 70% on Saturday and picked up anything trading in for over $5 for the trade bonus, traded at another store, then went back and bought some more. Also got their PS4 kiosk with TV and camera for $60 (which I paid in TIC). They're waiting to hear back from Nintendo to see if they can sell the Switch kiosk as well.

Reading through this thread, I think I may have fucked up. I bought 2 Avengers for $14 each (50% off of the $27.99 it was on sale for when they started liquidating), traded one copy, then went to another store 30 minutes later to trade my 2nd copy and some other games. I've never traded with this kid, but I had a super random assortment of games, so when he said I hit my trade limit, I thought maybe he could tell I was flipping.

This was my second trade since coming off of my ban and the signature prompt never came up on the pinpad, so I thought he was lying. I went to a different store, and the trade went through with no issue, so I burned him on the survey. Now I see that they're changing trade limits up and I probably burned him for no reason, but on the other hand, I was still able to trade at another store

Do we know what the "new" limits are?

In Topic: The Gamestop Thread

Yesterday, 01:39 AM

I was afraid of that. They must have killed it at some point before the weekend. #thanksobama

Nope. I traded my third one in on Saturday. Receipt even says "Xbox One." Still has the $10 bonus

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18 January 2021 - 01:57 PM

Amazon has the same price (without the steelbook) and has some AWD dingers for $24



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18 January 2021 - 12:43 PM

I think it ended yesterday. Point of my post is to allude to the fact that the $10 bonus is/was better for PS5/XSX, and the tiered percentage bonus is going to be better for switch games.

For first party Switch games, sure

In Topic: The Gamestop Thread

17 January 2021 - 11:45 PM

So who actually got a full $10 extra for Forza Horizon 4? I traded two copies yesterday, and got $21.50 each for both.

Me. 3x. Got $26.50 each time