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Blog lokizz > all i need is a miracle ....all i need is a damn decent zombie game

Posted 14 October 2008

seriously who the Fuck do you need to Fuck to get a decent zombie game out? they wont release dead rising on the ps3 and they hunger lost souls seems stalled out and left 4 dead doesnt seem like a lock for the ps3. all i want to do is save survivors from the undead and looters is that so much of a crime? is that really too much to ask ? ps other peoples f...

Blog lokizz > hot fucking day today

Posted 08 July 2008

sitting here at someone elses computer buring up except for the occasional breeze. got an interview tomorrow and gta 4 is only now getting interesting. loved the bank heist mission just wished you could do more in it instead of being led by the hand through most of the story. not a bad game though just not really blowing my mind.