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(H) Super Mario Odyssey download code (W) Paypal

27 December 2020 - 10:20 PM

I have a digital code for Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo switch. I'm looking to get $42.50 PayPal for it.

(W) Buzz Quiz USB dongle or wired buzzers (H) Paypal mostly

25 December 2020 - 03:11 AM

Hi, I can't find my USB dongle for Buzz Quiz on PS3 so I need one. The wired PS2 buzzers will work too. I mostly just have paypal or some Wii U game codes.

So when can/should we be able to sell or trade the Cyberpunk game that came with the li...

14 September 2020 - 12:27 AM

I know it didn't come with a download code and I know I would have to activate the game on my system using whatever gamertag and password you gave me but I am willing to sell the game for $40 to anyone that wants it. I was thinking that you could just make up a new gamertag and I would activate it for your console and then as long as that gamertag was on your Xbox One, you could still access Cyberpunk 207 correct?


Basically, I don't know anyone personally here that would trust me with their real gamertag info so they would need to make a new one or maybe just change their password after the game was transferred on my side? This is all new stuff to everyone so would just making another gamertag be the best way of going about it?

Iron Man PSVR bundle 30% off at Target ends today

11 July 2020 - 04:41 PM

Credit goes to user Indiana Jones for this. Any game you pre-order at Target gets you 30% off any game and it's working with the Ironman psvr bundle. One of the cheapest games to pre-order is Ghostbusters for $20.
Comes out to a total of $275.03 for me after tax and red card discount. I'm not going to buy it though as I already have a psvr and Iron Man is being shipped to me from Gamestop whenever USPS feels like delivering it.

Just thought I would let you know if you don't have PSVR yet and are on the fence about it. This is a pretty good deal. Basically $100 off like Black Friday. Again, credit goes to cheapass user Indiana Jones for finding this.


Iron Man PS VR Bundle: https://www.target.c...gt_adv_xasd0002


Ghostbusters: https://www.target.c...rm=ghostbusters