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#12941773 Gamecube to Game Boy Micro Cable - Instructions in here

Posted by Pawl on 28 September 2015 - 02:32 AM

Digging this thread up from the grave for ol' times sake, and in honor of Tri Force Heroes coming out next month!  O:)


So, I decided to attempt this mod with little hardware knowledge (I'm a software engineer by trade) and without having ever soldered before.


I followed the steps from the OP but I used this link instead because the OPs images were broken, but seeing as the OP was posted 10 YEARS ago I guess it's understandable. =P


I happened to already have an original GCN to GBA cable, but I had to order the GBM to GBM link cable. This is the one I bought on eBay (in case the eBay link ever goes down, this is what it looked like).


The first warning sign that I shouldn't be attempting this mod comes from my shitty pocket knife splicing job.




Next up was my makeshift workstation where I practiced soldering for all of 10 minutes on an old router I sacrificed to the cause.




Prepare yourself, for you are about to witness the worst soldering you have ever seen in your entire life.





I'm not sure if my soldering iron is just shitty (it's this$20 from Amazon) but this is like 2+ hours later...




At this point I was like, " Fuck it, let's just see what happens."




Holy shit, it worked!




I still need to create a better housing, but for now this'll do. Maybe a good candidate for any of you with 3d printers (*cough* if someone wants to print one for me in exchange for $$$ *cough*)




I hope you enjoyed my deep dive into soldering and maybe this'll inspire some of you to go out there and give it a shot! Now time for some Four Swords!!


EDIT: Here's an album of all the images.