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In Topic: CAGcast #568: Hot Garbage

14 November 2018 - 10:45 PM

A reoccurring theme or topic I have noticed over the episodes is Beat'em ups. I have heard some name drops like Golden Axe, Altered Beast, Streets of rage and maybe a few others along the way. These few names have a high note in the genre for sure as they are easily recognized and remembered. My question is, if you had to pick one beat'em up game for life which would it be. I grew up with Jimmy and Billy Lee from Double Dragon and Pimple, Zit and Rash from Battletoads just to give you an idea where I land in the spectrum of Beat'em ups. However, my favorite of all time and most hours logged has to be TMNT IV :Turtles in Time. 


In Topic: CAGbag: Get your questions answered on CAGcast

07 November 2018 - 07:59 PM

This is insane. A world were mobile gaming is growing our biggest upset of 2018 is going to be Blizzard, a beloved company for generations of gamers, making a mobile game? Countless times people, including myself, have been found with little to do on a commute or waiting room and pull our the smart phone or possibly a tablet. I'm glad to see some big name developers coming to mobile. 


An example is Paladins on pc and Paladins Strike on mobile. Two different games in essence but also similar enough to familiarize myself with characters on the go so when I return to my pc have some sort of foundation already laid out and I never really heard much of Hi-Rez until now. 


So to think that this is heresy for Blizzard to not get their proverbial finger in the mobile pie is ridiculous. In 5 years more major developers are going to commit resources to this growing market and all this anger and disappointment will be for not. 


We all know they will continue to develop for console and pc alike for years to come as it's a tried and true revenue. However they have yet to tap into the market of mobile and until we play the game should wait to cast stones. Blizzard has never let me down.



So many people are worried about the BIG SELLER triple A game that they forget how many fans and "super" fans out their don't always have the income to keep their computer up to date in hardware and maybe don't have a PC at all. Maybe getting the next-gen console is too expensive too. Does that make them less of a fan than you? Absolutely not. So bringing in a cheaper alternative on a mobile device that increases penetration of their market by who knows how much in my opinion is a great idea. 

In Topic: CAGcast #561: SNIKT! SNIKT!

19 September 2018 - 05:30 PM

Hey fellas, 


      So I just went back to 2015 and listened to every episode up to current about 6-8 hours a day at work. (We don't have wifi at work) Just wanted to remind you all about how Wombat was hesitant about Fallout and ended up loving it. Shipwreck had some issues ordering his theater chairs for weeks and weeks, and Cheapy totally passed out while pooping. Oh! And don't forget about Wombat's daughter who can talk to ghost grandmas. Been a great few weeks of "hanging out" with you guys at work. 

*** Feedback ***

Wombat since 2015, say mid year, has had at least 50 times of referring to penis, wang, dong, what have you in the CAG intro and every time Cheapy acts all grossed out, but never stops it from happening. I think Cheapy secretly enjoys Wombat's range of unending penis references.