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#14122641 Daily Steals (FB) back with more deals! SMASH 39.99 Mario 34.99 MK8 34.99...

Posted by xxGBZxx on 26 January 2019 - 01:07 AM

I have bought ps4 controller from them.  new in box.  Word of warning that if you plan to buy DLC for those game of different region, you might run into problems.

#14046123 Destiny 2 $0.00 on PS4

Posted by xxGBZxx on 30 August 2018 - 05:36 PM

Forsaken is not really game changing from what I can tell.  PvP is great, because the shooting mechanic is there, but I can get the same from D1 pvp.


PvE, they have no clue still of what is good.  Scorn, new enemies borrow heavily on mechanic from other faction (explode unit, shield).  


Raid boss in general around multiplayer platform jumping.  The boss doesn't chase after you, he stand still with a "shoot here" weakpoint (head or glowing spot).  Majority of your interaction with raid boss is actually setting up the damage phase (platiform), where you have to communication with team.  But this is a shooter, your interaction with a shooter boss should be strafe dodging.  There is always something unnerving when your damage doesn't physically affect enemy animation, (skyrim, fallout, Destiny raid boss).  Destiny normal enemies are fun to shoot at for the same reasons.

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#14031943 Shadow of war and season pass 19.99 total at gamestop ps4 only

Posted by xxGBZxx on 27 July 2018 - 05:08 PM

There are only two ways to buy video games now-a-days. 


1. Pre-order the latest "hot shit" online shooters for the preorder bonus, because these games generally are online focus (don't fall behind) and has active online player base for first 6 months before the flock migrate to the latest expansion DLC or the next "hot shit" game.  I usually have the "hot shit" physical disc in my console.


2. Wait for an year for the "game of the year" release with all the DLC included.   The implosive purchase is ok as their price dropped. These generally are single player or coop focus. I normally put them in my shelf of backlog, in case I break a leg or my internet provider or console network craps out.  Very much like the fire extinguisher, these are still under wrap for the "break glass in case of emergency" feel.