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Best 360 Headset for the money? The money being $30 or less

02 November 2012 - 04:49 PM

After suffering through Borderlands 2 with a barely-functioning mic, and with halo 4 coming out next week, the time has come for me to replace the latest in a long string of crappy microsoft headsets. I'd rather buy one for $20-30 that lasts a year or two than drop $10 every six months.

What I'm considering:

Turtle Beach XC1 - Reviews seem good, although longevity is questionable

Morotola X205 - I already ordered one of these from Amazon, and they sent me the PC version with a USB plug

MW3 "Limited Edition" Microsoft Wireless Headset - Note, the MW3 version is $5 cheaper than the "regular" one, and I can use this with my PS3 too

Any deals I'm missing here? Anything you guys have that you love?