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In Topic: Amazon Warehouse Deals Thread XVIII

26 February 2018 - 07:34 PM

Well I ended up with the first good AWD I've had in awhile.


Basically, I bought a 55" X900E for $820. Great TV. Then I found a third party seller that had a 55" LG OLED for $1150, thought there's no way this will go through, lo and behold it did. That in and of itself was a great deal.


Anyway, I got on amazon chat to return the X900E and they said "if you want to keep it, we'll let you have it for a 50% refund"


so now I have a $410 X900E too

Hoping for a big score.  Ordered an island grill over the weekend from AW, that is split into 3 pieces weighing 1,800 pounds combined.  Got it for 50% off, and hoping it is in excellent shape.  The only question/answer on it's product page is about the length of it, with an answer coming two weeks ago that someone had to send theirs back because it was bigger than expected and could not get it into their gate.  Hoping I get his and it was handled nicely in between. I am curious if Amazon would try to strike a deal with me if I end up not wanting it.  I would think the shipping on this thing is a pretty penny.