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MarkMan's Stuff > MarkMan plays video games. <3

Posted 03 November 2013

I've been streaming a bit more often lately. I've been successfully failing at succeeding (if that makes sense). A bit of background on me. I'm the Global Sponsorship & Community Manager at Mad Catz and one of the leaders of the Fighting Game Community. You would think that I am streaming mostly fighting game stuff, right...

MarkMan's Stuff > LFL VOL 001: Let's Take It Back... How does this work again?

Posted 25 April 2011


MarkMan's Stuff > I have lots of friends...

Posted 25 April 2011


I felt the need to post an image to get people's attention. Now that I have it...

Hi, it's been awhile since I've posted a blog here on CAG. Hope you are all well. I'm fine, it's the usual. Busy with work during the week and events/meetings during th...

MarkMan's Stuff > TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 - Holiday 2010 Trailer!

Posted 24 December 2010

SDTEKKEN reports: Leader of the TEKKEN PROJECT team, Katsuhiro Harada, revealed on his twitter just now the latest footage from TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2! Happy Holidays and enjoy! Could this just be a taste of what Namco has in store for us in 2011? Stay tuned, more goodies may be on the way?

MarkMan's Stuff > Been around the world...

Posted 21 October 2010

Some recent interviews I did...

Fighter's Fury Interview - Part 1

Fighter's Fury Interview - Part 2

SRK - Season's Beatings Interview