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Blog thingsfallnapart > Game Blog 14 : Dollar Defender Edition

Posted 17 November 2010

This blog contains news with new releases, Personal news. A new section I have made called dollar defender. Pick ups in my gaming life, and of course a raging rant I've wanted to do on over saturating FPS titles!

Blog thingsfallnapart > Video Review Call of Duty Black Ops

Posted 16 November 2010

Treyarch's second effort behind Infinity ward is the target for the sights of shotgun game reviews. Is black ops going to suffer a letdown behind million-over seller Modern Warfare 2? Or does Treyarch build upon the success built upon Infinity Ward.

I like reviewing games and have fun doing it, but I also en...

Blog thingsfallnapart > Gaming Blog 13th Edition NHL 2011

Posted 13 November 2010


If you ever asked yourself what is the next step to playing more realistic hockey on higher difficulties but are tired of getting spanked then you came to the rite place. In this blog I specifically play a period to teach newcomers and all alike to try to learn to play hockey the rite way...not the...

Blog thingsfallnapart > 12th Video game blog : news pickups and memories!

Posted 11 November 2010

This edition has news from returning offender GT5, mario all stars, and black Friday begins.

Pick ups are included as well.

Also introducing my new video game memories section!

Blog thingsfallnapart > Video Review : Fallout New Vegas

Posted 08 November 2010

I make sure I play my games till the end before I review them so it takes me a little more time then most to post a review. However i believe it is to the benefit of the content and the buyer this way. Please watch my Fallout New Vegas review if you have the time and let me know what you think. Let's talk ab...