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#14069830 Amazon Prime Now: Spend $10 on 7up & Get $20 PSN code

Posted by CErb1987 on 24 October 2018 - 05:01 AM

I'm very conflicted about tipping on Amazon prime now. I read an article a while back about how some gig economy companies will use the tip to cover the salary, but perhaps that was before companies got in trouble for doing that.

So I've put this somewhere before, but, a refresher is always good. Amazon prime now drivers made(6 months ago)/make 18 dollars an hour(this could have risen when amazon changed all normal employee rates to 15 an hour. They use their own vehicles, they pay for all their gas, insurance, etc. None of this gets reimbursed by Amazon. They are hired as contractors.

I understand the trepidation, Amazon is very good about the tips being paid out though. I however refuse to tip in the app or on the browser. You want to make sure the driver gets the tip? Cash is king.

#14023169 Ymmv Yakuza Kiwami steel book 9.99 bby

Posted by CErb1987 on 10 July 2018 - 08:40 PM

So I was gonna grab Yakuza kiwami online from best buy and pick up in store. Saw I was lower on funds In the bank than I thought. Came to the store.

On the app the game comes up as 14.99. I get to the store. Ask the guy in the games section about the steelbook edition. He goes in the back and grabs it. Hands it off to another who when he rings me up it shows as 9.99. I'll post a picture soon..... silly mobile site.15312552813186106419603556572350.jpg

#13991295 Humble Bundle Thread

Posted by CErb1987 on 08 May 2018 - 02:50 PM

They will just put out the next game and we all go through this again. (I think I remember that Bungee is contracted for one more Destiny game.)

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Ten years. When they first started talking about destiny they were talking about a ten year plan. That's at least 4 games. 5 if they release one every two years which seems like the trend with most companies. 3 if they get really freaking lazy. After September or whenever the live team takes over, if the game doesn't get better like d1 did I'm done. No third game for me. They screwed d2 hardcore.

#13863148 Redbox Hallowen Sale (ends 11/3) Agents of Mayhem $9.99 and more

Posted by CErb1987 on 29 October 2017 - 06:53 AM

AoM is only 10 11 and 12 here in san diego for flip at gs. Unless you are using the extra 40 percent towards whatever games. Looks like gs might be keeping track of redbox sales now.

16.xx for ps4 best buy and 13.xx xbox one.

And gamestop is making a killing off star wars knights of the old republic since that xbox bc launched on xbox one. I got the game the day before for 5.38 w tax free shipping and today for kicks I checked the price and it's 17.99 now but the digital download is 9.99 as far as I can find. Haven't checked the actual marketplace on the system yet.

#13814927 SNES Classic up at best buy

Posted by CErb1987 on 23 August 2017 - 08:18 PM

every number I've seen has been a massive overstatement.

Best Buy sold out last night in 15

Best buy was up for 30. I got mine 25 minutes after it dropped. I got my notice at 10:27 pacific that it was live and completed my order at 10:52. Got my confirmation email that they received my order but it isnt ready yet. Thats 25 minutes plus people still got their orders in after me. So your statement is false.

#13613879 PrimeNow - $10 off $20

Posted by CErb1987 on 28 January 2017 - 10:36 PM

Sounds like someone is salty about wasting money on a college degree. That's your fault, not the fault of prime now drivers. They still need to make a living.
@cerb1987 - are you in socal? Bay Area would kill for $700 rent.
I tip them because it saves me time. And I know it's hard to make ends meet sometimes. So it's not too much to help a fellow person out.

San Diego, i know all about the bay area and i said 700 square feet lol ;). Trust me I would almost be willing to kill for 700 a month rent.

So green, they should break their car because you are too lazy to go out and shop for yourself? Did you not see the part where they pay for everything to make sure people like you get the stuff they order. And in the process their cars wrack up miles because you didnt want to go out. They spend 2 days wage on gas every week to bring you your stuff and you cant even be courteous enough to tip them. You are probably the guy who gets his stuff last with ball juice wiped all over it.

#13613821 PrimeNow - $10 off $20

Posted by CErb1987 on 28 January 2017 - 09:21 PM

Now I'll leave it up to you guys whether you tip or not. But I work for Prime Now. The drivers don't most of the time. They are contracted through another company. Also they make 18 dollars an hour(in California, It ranges between 13 and 21 elsewhere) and get gas gift cards to use every now and then(Think the big holidays). Some get gas allowances for a day or two(have only met like 3 drivers that do).

But most of these drivers take home 12 to 1800 after two weeks. They spend about 500 a month on gas. That leaves them with 19 to 3100 then other bills like rent, electricty, phone, tv and internet. Plus the big ones, they have to use their own vehicle. So they pay for all the wear and tear, tires, they void warranties on their cars they change their oil every month, etc. And here in California 1900 wont get you by. 3100 will barely get you by.

They need the tips. I know it seems like a lot but when you consider everything it isn't.

Edit: just to add a bit more perspective. I live in a 700 or less square foot apartment. It has 2 small bedrooms and 1 small bathroom. The kitchen is barely big enough for my wife and i to fit in it together. We pay 1075 a month for rent. Our electric bill depending on winter generation fees or summer generation fees ranges from 20 buck to 100 bucks with the same amount of energy usage.

That is cheap for a 2 bedroom out here. All my neighbors live in 1 bedroom apartments and pay 900 a month.