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Blog Anexanhume > I did stand-up, again.

Posted 16 November 2011

I uploaded my first video on here (Audio only) to a great response, so I figured I would share this one too. This was my 4th time on stage.

Blog Anexanhume > So I got the balls to try stand-up. One of the funnest things I've ever done.

Posted 02 June 2011

If you are thinking about doing it and have access to some open mics, go. I'm fortunate to live in the LA area so I have access to classes as well as open mics, and without the class, I probably wouldn't have worked up the courage. The class I took also got me a prime spot at a very well known comedy club in hollywood so I had an excellent crowd to work w...

Blog Anexanhume > What's the longest you've ever taken to finish a game?

Posted 02 September 2010

What I mean is, what is the longest you've ever taken to beat the main story of a game on the same save?

Last year in July I started BioShock but was quickly side-tracked by my then L4D obsession. A couple of weeks ago, I picked it back up, and rather than start a new game, I picked up where I left off over a year ago. I'll likely finish it in the next...

Blog Anexanhume > Ass Gamer

Posted 10 June 2010


Apparently Safari likes to shorten titles when you have a lot of tabs open.

Blog Anexanhume > Don't Drunk Dial Freedomworks (Mock PSA about Tea Party)

Posted 21 May 2010