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In Topic: Limited Run Games Thread - Global Outbreak of...Delayed Shipping

31 January 2021 - 06:59 AM

[quote name="bojay1997" post="14374584" timestamp="1612059810"]

Honestly man, you need to get some help. I doubt Josh or Douglas have time to create fake accounts to just interact with literally half a dozen disgruntled former customers on this thread. I guess when you believe that everything revolves around you and your needs, it becomes easy to become delusional about what other people are willing to do. [/quote]

quote name="Jurai" post="14374582" timestamp="1612059138"]

Bojay is in this thread constantly defending every bad move lrg makes, it probably is Josh[/quote]

I think this very well may be Josh. He seems like the type to do this.

Jurai is very blunt but seems cool imo & I feel he has a fair assessment of LRG. Yea people can take that the wrong way. I like him. idc.

But the fact that Josh always calls Doug Douglas very much points to Jurai being correct. How bojay is responding hardcore to all critics of LRG, Josh def seems like the type of person to do this imo. Also, the writing style of bojay matches up with the posts from Josh’s old account.

Don’t think they don’t have a lil free time to pop in here for a moment to see how some LRG OG’s feel about them now. It’s very plausible/ highly likely.

Their customer service is horrendous / practically nonexistent. And if that is you Josh, you’re a dick. Doug was always much cooler imo.

In Topic: PSN Weekly Deals - 2/10: Big in Japan Sale ends 2/25, Critics' Choice Sal...

23 January 2021 - 02:01 AM

PlayStation Plus 30 Day Trial :


In Topic: XBL Deals - DwG: Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, more | Golden Week, Star...

23 January 2021 - 01:58 AM

Halo 5: Guardians FULL GAME :


In Topic: The Gamestop Thread

23 January 2021 - 01:56 AM

Also, does anyone know if I want to be able to play Hitman 3 with PSVR do I need to buy the PS4 version to be able to do this? Basically I’m asking if I bought the PS5 version of Hitman 3 am I screwed out of the PSVR mode? Also, does the PS4 version of Hitman 3 come with a free upgrade to the PS5 version if I buy a physical copy of Hitman 3 for PS4??

In Topic: The Gamestop Thread

23 January 2021 - 01:51 AM

Would I have gotten the same amount if I traded toward Hitman 3?? Or is Hitman 3 getting an additional 10% to bring me up to 40% trade in bonus?? Or would it have been the same 30% extra total??Attached File  F135C952-4A21-4A8A-8EA4-21A60E82FC18.jpeg   158.19KB   13 downloads