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In Topic: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $1 only !

Today, 01:18 AM

You're right, this deal doesn't work for me.


As I said before, I don't subscribe to either PS+ or XBox Live Gold.  I used to be subscribed to PS+, but as someone said on another forum, they didn't even bother to play most of the free monthly games.  And I realized I didn't either.  More savings for me.  (And after looking at the newly released PS+ games for July, I made a good decision.)


The bulk of the games on Game Pass are mostly indie titles, smaller titles, with a few bigger ones that are past their prime, and the 1st party.  The ones like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Wolfenstein II, and etc are all games that I played during release window.  And if I really wanted to, I could buy them now for much cheaper since they've been out for months already; all without having to hurry and rush through them in the event the game is taken off Game Pass.  Then I could trade it in, and it'd basically be a few dollars out-of-pocket, with peace of mind.


I'll pass on Game Pass Ultimate -- also I don't believe for a second this "deal" won't ever come again for new Ultimate subscribers.  I'll commit to it if Microsoft ever has a grand line-up of 1st-party titles in a row.




Like I said before, I only care about Gears 5 and Ori 2.  And so it looks like a 6 months Game Pass would be perfect for me.  I can activate it in September for Gears 5, and it would last me all the way to Ori 2 in February. 


I would only end up paying $20, instead of the $150 others are paying for the 3-year commitment.  This is the smart play.


Although I enjoy Gears multiplayer as well, Borderlands 3 is coming out the week after, and so I don't have any time for it.  I'll just use the Game Pass to play the Gears 5 campaign and then toss it aside.  September is stacked.  


The savings I get will go towards the cost of either of the new consoles in 2020.  Smart plan by Microsoft to tempt people into this deal; since they would likely consider the Scarlett as their platform since they've invested so many years into Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold...

There's also "Outer Worlds" (multi-plat game) launching on Game Pass on release date and "Blair Witch" also (though it's not multi-plat).

In Topic: Walmart YMMV In Store Clearance Thread I (READ THE FAQs)

16 June 2019 - 08:36 AM

It'll take a hour just to find a Walmart employee that works in the electronic section that'll willing to service you.

THIS, times 1000. Seems 8 times out of 10, the Electronics section is completely deserted at any Walmart I go to...even during peak shopping hours. Most of the time, I have to go to the front of the store and very nicely ask that they get someone to Electronics to help me. If I ask other employees in the vicinity of Electronics, they usually just put their hands up...."not my area man". I now just expect it will be a ghost town back there. Then, when I ask them to get something out from behind the locked glass doors, they look at me like I've asked them to balance the budget. My favorite quote from an employee when I asked if they had any PS4 PRO's in the back: "Dude, I don't even know anything about that". That was a coupla weeks back.


There are good people at Walmart for sure, but by and large, let's just say it's not often a "pleasant" experience in there.

In Topic: [Ebay] Xbox one X NBA 2k19 Bundle - $297

16 June 2019 - 04:02 AM

Yeah just Google antonline reviews. It's pretty clear. I've heard people say they get the consoles new as described but have heard that some got open box items and when there's an issue their customer service is a nightmare. So definitely decide if the gamble is worth it to you.

Yup...it's really not very hard to find very negative reviews about Antonline everywhere you can out on the web. In fact, it's hard NOT to run into negative reviews on them. And it's not really just negative "reviews"...this really has more to do with outright fraud and ripping people off. People like "john718" are either employees or just incredibly poorly informed. Too lazy to do the research themselves.


Are there buyers out there who have had positive experiences with Antonline? I'm sure there are. But just as you "might" survive after drinking 5 bottles of bleach for breakfast, it's not something I would particularly recommend. 

In Topic: [Ebay] Xbox one X NBA 2k19 Bundle - $297

16 June 2019 - 04:00 AM

What are you talking about??? ANTONLINE is a reputable company, even Google supports it through Google Pay among other financial companies.

Obviously your sources are out of wack or you just couldn't find any other excuse to spread lies.

It's so obvious you don't know ANTONLINE that you referred to it as a "he" ....wow

Seems we obviously have an "Antonline" employee here. By "he", of course, I'm just talking purely generically, as many do online. Of course I don't know their gender. Who cares? Means nothing. Sounded vaguely like "Anthony"....so really, whatever. If your key argument in favor of Antonline and against me is that I called them "he"....that's just sad...lol.


The evidence is very clear. It's not very hard to find all the tons of negative reviews on them all over the place. 


Want a couple? (and this I got from minimal effort in a minute or two...there are tons more out there):


2 star rating out of 5- 143 reviews here:



Fraud postings regarding Antonline on complaintsboard.com:



4.2 out of 10 rating, Almost 3,000 reviews on resellerratings.com....here's one quote: "Don't use them, they will rip you off...scam":



Reddit thread from 6 months ago: "Don't Buy From Antonline" (see attached pic below from thread...it's the first reply that comes up)



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In Topic: [Ebay] Xbox one X NBA 2k19 Bundle - $297

15 June 2019 - 03:26 AM

Same price from antonline


Have heard plenty of nightmare stories about Antonline. Maybe some people have had good experiences, but I think he's been banned from Slickdeals because of fraud accusations (that's what I read, anyway). So many accounts of buyers receiving used/refurbished consoles in the mail on a "new" listing. Have also read dozens of accounts of people who have had their returns not accepted or received only partial refunds.


Do some digging online...you'll see. This is one seller you couldn't pay me to use. Hope it works out for ya'll.