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Blog Ichigo1993 > Catherine Pushes 200,000. We Love You Atlus.

Posted 05 August 2011

Catherine managed to sell 200,000 in its first week here in the states.

After playing Catherine, Atlus has to be my favorite developer and publisher. Their offerings just seem to get better and better and I really have not been disappointed by any of their games in the past.

Make Persona 5! Anything developed by Atlus would be a Day One it seems.

Blog Ichigo1993 > It's Cool To Hate on IGN: Review Scores?

Posted 07 July 2011

It just seems every single video review I come across on Youtube blames IGN for its love toward CoD and dislike toward every other game. Justifiable reviews from IGN get slammed by gamers, whether it be positive or negative.

Which is why I hate when reviewers give numerical values to reviews. An 8.0, in the eyes of a gamer, is considered to be an averag...

Blog Ichigo1993 > Pickups for June 2011

Posted 02 July 2011

After thinking about it all of June, I finally got a PS3 to accompany my PC gaming. I'm really excited to finally be able to experience some of the exclusives I've missed out on.


New PC monitor :)

Blog Ichigo1993 > To PS3 or Not?

Posted 30 June 2011

I've been looking into buying a PS3 for the past couple of weeks. I've been playing Xbox up to now, but decided to sell it due to the yearly fees and lack of games coming out that are not already coming out for the PC.

I've been wanting to get the PS3 to play the games released in the past few years. I just need to get over the hurdle of buying the thing...

Blog Ichigo1993 > EA Download Manager: AVOID!

Posted 26 February 2011

If you encounter any deal, no matter how sweet it may be, that prompts you to download and install a game on EADM, don't do it. I've had a nightmare situation with a game I had purchased. I'm new to the PC market and just started a Steam account last month and am currently very happy with the service. I didn't mind EA's DRM as much and I saw a nice deal o...