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In Topic: Japanese Video Game Figure Thread

Yesterday, 07:00 PM

More figma-sized arcade cabinets!

In Topic: RPG Thread XX has over 100 hours of gameplay

Yesterday, 06:54 PM

I think it fits. Have you been playing it? Is it any good?

I'd like to try out the previous XCOM, but am waiting to see if my husband will ever finish it/pick it up again. He's currently procrastinating on Baldur's Gate II.

Oh, and I recently started Disgaea 3 (not much else to say besides that it's Disgaea) and am still playing Bravely regularly.

In Topic: Japanese Video Game Figure Thread

Yesterday, 06:35 AM

So, Winter WonFes. Hell for figure collectors' wallets. Seen too much good/interesting stuff to list (so far), but here's some highlights pertinent to this thread:

figma Gwendolyn (Odin Sphere)
Mega Man action figure by Sentinel
Purple Heart (Neptunia series) by Vertex
Jack Frost (Shin Megami Tensei series) by X-Plus
figma Iron Fossil (Darius Burst: Chronicle Saviours) - This one looks really cool! The world needs more shmup figures (besides Touhou, of course)!

...and some notable Nintendroids and Nintendo figma:
Nendoroid Meta Knight
Nendoroid Princess Zelda (Wind Waker HD ver.)
figma Samus Aran (Zero Suit, Other M ver.) - Announced two years ago, but finally updated with a prototype.
figma Samus Aran (Metroid Prime 3 ver.) - Very happy about this one, personally. I hope they make Dark Samus, too!

Obviously, this isn't everything. Go check out the flood of new entries on MFC for more ;)

In Topic: Japanese Video Game Figure Thread

01 February 2016 - 05:55 AM

Just checked the Bug Reports thread over at the Official Tsuki Club and the notifications thing with Gmail is a known issue - http://myfigurecolle...&p=83#c-6161783

Anyway, that's the place to go to report/check on the status of stuff like this. The site owner follows both it and the Suggestions thread very closely.

In Topic: My First FPS!

25 January 2016 - 11:25 PM

Halo's single-player campaign is a great traditional FPS for newcomers, but I don't know how easy it is to get the PC/Mac versions these days.

The Half-Life series (PC/Mac/Linux) is also quite accessible, though more puzzley. However, those games might spoil you for all other FPSes-- they're that good.

I haven't kept up much with the genre since the mid-00s (though I do want to play the latest Wolfenstein), so apologies if you were looking for more recent games :razz:

Oh, and I probably should note that many, if not most, FPSes have included difficulty settings since the Wolfenstein 3D/Doom era for their campaigns. That said, if you're worried about an FPS being too hard for you at first, look for one that has an easy/beginner's mode.