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In Topic: RPG Thread XX has over 100 hours of gameplay

14 November 2019 - 02:43 AM

Bah, that's a shame about Bravely Second. And it's yet another game sitting in my backlog. I'm starting to think that my backlog goal for next year should involve beating a lot of my currently unplayed JRPGs.

The only RPG I've been playing lately is Into the Breach, which is a pretty ingenious combo of strategy RPG and roguelike. It's also less stressful than FTL, the devs' previous game, was, especially since there's an option to get an ending after completing half of the available areas. Anyway, it's very good, and easy to recommend for those who enjoyed FTL.

Pokemon Shield should be here on Friday. I'm officially in Spoiler Avoidance Mode for that one, but have long been aware of all the controversies about the National Dex (which I personally don't care about), battle animations, and whatnot. I'm just hoping it'll run fine in handheld mode, since I can't imagine playing a mainline Pokemon any other way.

In Topic: Black friday speculation

22 October 2019 - 02:54 PM

I'm mainly eyeing PC games for Black Friday and Steam Holiday Sale deals (Devil May Cry 5, Surviving Mars), but Astral Chain would be nice as well.

In Topic: Japanese Video Game Figure Thread

18 October 2019 - 01:21 PM

TOM has a new points campaign: 30x for Premium Members, 15x for everyone else. Ends Oct. 24.

In Topic: Japanese Video Game Figure Thread

16 October 2019 - 03:56 PM

Some good prices in there, but also a lot of things marked up double and then the sale price is at or above current price at other stores.

That's pretty shady. Are their "normal" prices for those items closer to the sale ones, then? Either way, think I'll pass; have heard numerous complaints about that shop anyway.

In Topic: DEAD: Target Zelda dreamer edition back in stock

06 October 2019 - 04:28 AM

Yeah, that sucks for sure, as it still boggles my mind how places send something like this in a bubble mailer. The outer box is cool, but for this item I mostly wanted the book, so a damaged box wouldn't be the end of my world, so long as the book isn't damaged. If the box is key to you, returning it means no replacement I'm sure, as these are sold out.
You could try to get some type of discount through customer service, and then try to maybe buy just the box down the road on Ebay on the cheap. I'm sure some will buy this for just the book and then offer just the box and maybe the game on there own at some point.

Did better than that: my husband was in Manhattan today for a tech conference, so I asked him to check Nintendo NY later (we live in NJ, but hardly ever go into the city). They still had copies! The front of the box has a couple of tiny spots where the printed image chipped off, but it's way better than the one I got from Target, which is definitely going to be returned now.

One interesting thing he learned from a Nintendo NY staffer is that even they had gotten damaged copies in. Apparently, a bunch of them were banged up before they left the warehouse. Nintendo should really invest in sturdier boxes for these sorts of releases...