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Reeve's House of Redirection, Part Trois > What Are You Playing This Weekend? Yet Another Filling In for DBJ Edition

Posted 19 September 2014

Guess I'll fill in this week :razz:

Things have been busy here at the Bojangles Kasahara household. Last weekend, we got a new cat from a wonderful rescue shelter; she's ten months old and still growing, so not quite a kitten anymore, but still very playful and cute. Since our rabbit passed away earlier this year, we figure our older cat had become lone...

Reeve's House of Redirection, Part Trois > What are you playing during this final weekend of the year?!

Posted 28 December 2013

DBJ's… somewhere, so I'm filling in :razz:

We had a decent Christmas around here, and we're ready to fly back to sunny California tomorrow. I played some Disgaea DS on the flight over, and may do the same on the way back. Well, or go back to Pokemon Black 2 like I'd been planning.

I also might need a new pair of headphones, though, since the pair I use...

Reeve's House of Redirection, Part Trois > A 3DS Update

Posted 19 July 2013

(Crossposted from Tsuki-Board , though my entry there is much longer; this is just the second half of it, since the first part's not gaming-related.)

Back in August, I blogged about my new 3DS XL and all the accessories I'd gotten for it . Unfortunately, once I'd turned on my XL for the first time, I noticed a dead pixel or two and promptly put in a rep...

Reeve's House of Redirection, Part Trois > Pimp My 3DS!

Posted 10 April 2013

When the Nintendo 3DS was first announced, the two franchises I wanted to see on it the most debuted on the original DS: Etrian Odyssey and the Harvest Moon spinoff Rune Factory . Thus, when the fourth installments of both were (not unexpectedly) announced for the system, I waited for US-release announcements. Etrian Odyssey IV 's came first, so that's...

Reeve's House of Redirection, Part Trois > PAX in Pictures

Posted 07 September 2012

Usually I do a few very wordy posts about what I saw at PAX. For this year's PAX Prime, I decided to take a simpler approach and just post a bunch of photos. I don't think I took as many pics this year as last (I definitely didn't take as many on the show floor or of the panels), but still wound up with a decent amount.

No photos from the CAG meetup; sor...