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#14205012 Japanese Video Game Figure Thread

Posted by RKasa on 01 September 2019 - 07:35 AM

I'm currently at PAX West and First 4 Figures has a booth this year. Some prototypes were on display, including their PVC Amaterasu. Some pics I took today:

Square Enix and Capcom also had some figures for display and sale.

#14193781 Japanese Video Game Figure Thread

Posted by RKasa on 28 July 2019 - 12:57 PM

A quick tip for anyone wanting GSC WonFes items: try the new US-specific online shop - https://www.goodsmileus.com

- Prices are slightly cheaper than at the international GSC Shop
- Economy shipping is currently free for preorders for a limited time
- You can combine WonFes items with others

They also have some non-figure items there that, to the best of my knowledge, aren't on the int'l Shop.

MFC has the WF2019S list: https://myfigurecoll....net/blog/43304
Still looking it over. Already noticed some sweet gaming Nendos including Dante, Bayonetta, and Waddle Dee (before King Dedede... interesting choice).

King Dedede would have to be a Nendo More to keep him to scale with Kirby, and, perhaps more importantly, Waddle Dee is quite popular in Japan. Bayo I would rather have as a figma, and Dante as the first DMC game version. In for Waddle Dee, though.

Besides Waddle Dee, I'm also interested in:
- Pop Up Parade Genos
- figma Thorfinn
- Nendoroid Black Frost

I also want all these little Jack/Black Frosts. The designs are the same as those featured on a Jack Frost goods line at ebten.jp/Atlus D Shop; got one of the tote bags last year and it was well worth it.

#14191954 Japanese Video Game Figure Thread

Posted by RKasa on 23 July 2019 - 01:08 PM

Weird (and annoying -_-) that Alex Louis Armstrong's Nendo More figure can't be shipped with the other WonFes exclusives. Maybe because he's limited? Anyway, him and Saitama are my only pickups this time around.

#14190756 The unOFFICIAL Art Book Pre-Order Thread

Posted by RKasa on 19 July 2019 - 12:19 AM

Udon video game book/artbook announcements from SDCC:

- Street Fighter #100 project (not entirely sure what this is)
- Monster Hunter 3 Illustrations
- Udon's Art of CAPCOM 3
- How to Make CAPCOM Fighting Characters
- Street Fighter Memorial Archive: Beyond the World
- Street Fighter: World Warrior Encyclopedia - Arcade Edition
- Street Fighter: Swimsuit Special Collection
- Mega Man: Robot Masters Field Guide Updated Edition

#14185633 The unOFFICIAL Art Book Pre-Order Thread

Posted by RKasa on 04 July 2019 - 10:08 PM

Artbook news from Anime Expo! Kirby Art & Style Collection will be localized by Viz and come out in Spring 2020 - https://www.animenew...t-manga/.148637

I love this artbook and cannot recommend it enough to fellow Kirby fans. Not going to double-dip this time (the Japanese edition doesn't have much text), but still very happy that Viz is bringing this one over :D

#14185444 Japanese Video Game Figure Thread

Posted by RKasa on 04 July 2019 - 03:27 PM

TOM will have 40x points starting July 4.

Promo has started, plus there's a new coupon: AX2019

This is good for 10% off (one time use) until July 31.

#14179693 The unOFFICIAL Art Book Pre-Order Thread

Posted by RKasa on 18 June 2019 - 10:54 PM

There's a Dragon's Crown artbook from Udon coming out in September. MSRP is $44.99.
- Amazon ($33.11)
- Right Stuf ($33.74)

#14171807 The unOFFICIAL Art Book Pre-Order Thread

Posted by RKasa on 04 June 2019 - 10:12 PM

Shigenori Soejima Art Works 2004-2010 appears to be getting a reprint. Right Stuf is listing an Oct. 29 release date.

#14169986 Japanese Video Game Figure Thread

Posted by RKasa on 30 May 2019 - 12:47 PM

My TOM haul. I was already sitting on a lot of points, so I think I did pretty good :razz:

Order #1 (w/20% off coupon + $10.33 points spent):
- Nendoroid Beam Kirby
- Pop Up Parade Saitama (some on MFC don't like his expression, but I think it's perfect; it has the right balance of serious and goofy)
- NieR:Automata Bring Arts Trading Weapons
- Tenmagouka (RG Veda artbook)

Total: $150 ($47.83 back in points)

Order #2 (w/20% off coupon + $118.56 points spent):
- Dream Tech 1/8 Makoto Niijima

Total: $9 (just the shipping fee, in other words; $0 back in points)

Order #3 (w/free shipping coupon [got it as an apology for a cancelled item] + $34.19 points spent):
- Haruko Kumota Drawings (artbook)

Total: $0 ($0 back in points)

I totally could've spent fewer points to get more back, but I wanted to take advantage of the ones I already had. Still have a handful left over, even after all that :razz:

#14165740 Japanese Video Game Figure Thread

Posted by RKasa on 17 May 2019 - 02:26 PM

Now that we've settled in to our new place, I caught up on some figure/goods orders via HLJ and Ami. One of these pickups was Bring Arts Neku Sakuraba (from TWEWY); the reviews for him so far are generally positive, but we'll see. The only Bring Arts I currently own is the NieR:Automata Machine Lifeform set, and they turned out great, but Square Enix doesn't have the best history when it comes to action figures of humans. Also considered Bring Arts Alena (DQIV), but she seems to have a sub-par paint job plus problems with transfer. Will wait for a good sale.

One item I'm particularly looking forward to receiving is San-ei's Kracko plush. Kracko is one of my favorite Kirby enemies, and this plush captures their look perfectly! The quality of San-ei plushies tends to be excellent, too.

TOM Premium coupon incoming. Submit an entry, retweet their post, and you'll get a 20% coupon on May 28: https://otakumode.co...1-year-giveaway

The 20% coupon has been unlocked, so no need to retweet any further (the Twitter campaign doesn't require linking your account or anything like that, so I assume it isn't required) :D

#14164355 The unOFFICIAL Art Book Pre-Order Thread

Posted by RKasa on 13 May 2019 - 09:02 PM

The link literally brought me to a page just full of hentai movies...


Hah, yeah, the sale theme there changes weekly, and, well... seems like it's mostly hentai this week. Sorry about that  :oops:

#14159203 Japanese Video Game Figure Thread

Posted by RKasa on 26 April 2019 - 03:42 PM

I love Emil so very, very much, but no Papa Nier variant, no sale.

#14128532 Japanese Video Game Figure Thread

Posted by RKasa on 10 February 2019 - 01:38 AM

Nendoroid Amaterasu:


That is all.

Seriously, though, I had completely forgotten that WonFes was happening this weekend until a few days ago. Too busy packing stuff for our move!

Here's a link to all of GSC/Max Factory/FREEing/etc.'s announcements/updates, complete with pics - http://whl4u.jp/wh29/gallery/en/#/

No must-haves for me yet (Ammy is a maybe; I'm not the biggest Okami fan, to say the least). Will check Kaneel's annual list(s) on MFC sometime early next week.

#14125831 Loads of Steam and Xbox One games/subs up for grabs

Posted by RKasa on 02 February 2019 - 05:58 PM

Thing is, this isn't exactly a freebie though. That's why I was unsure.

The forum is called "Contests & Free Stuff". As this sounds like a mix of both, it would probably fit. Shopping Discussions might also work if you still aren't sure.

I don't gain from this at all. Donations are made to JustGiving for Special Effect. I am the fundraiser and supplier of rewards.

You are self-promoting your stream, though...

#14123340 PSA: Original Wii Store Closing January 30th. Unused Wii Points Will Be For...

Posted by RKasa on 28 January 2019 - 01:02 PM

Is anyone able to download anything? I spent almost an hour just setting up my router to connect the Wii (my router doesn't support any of it's security encryption and it has no way to hardwire) so I had to create an open network and even then, once I got it updated to access the shop, I can't get past the welcome screen...

I bought my last few games (ended up getting the ones I had considered earlier), redownloaded all my WiiWare/VC games, etc. last Wednesday and ran into a handful of connection timeouts at the Shop Channel while doing all that. Maybe it's worse now that the deadline is closer, but I'd say keep at it and try again.