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drakeg190's Blog > I'm sick today but still playing XD

Posted 27 September 2017

As the title said I'm sick and bedridden I think I have a flu and of course with my phone I can still play RO: Spear of Odin. I'm playing it to past the time with the auto-play mode I can just watch while it automatically finish the game and I just occasionally press dodge once in a while. I'll be keeping this message short cause the monitor is kinda hurt...

drakeg190's Blog > That satisfying feeling when you craft stuff

Posted 26 September 2017

Hey guys, Drake_Green here I really appreciate people who read my blogs, thank again guys. Now I wanna talk about crafting in game well to craft materials you need to hunt them, I feel life this is the remnants of the original RO game taking form on this game because this the only things you need to hunt in order to create stuff, and when you want to craf...

drakeg190's Blog > My Angry ranting

Posted 23 September 2017

Hi, guys Drake_Green here, thanks for the guys who read this, as you all know I'm playing this game Ragnarok: Spear of Odin why because I'm an avid fan of Ragnarok. Now I'd like to talk about the game, it actually gets harder as you progress and really takes time for you to finish. And there are people out there that states they have finished the game, sc...

drakeg190's Blog > Spear of Odin Guild perks

Posted 21 September 2017

Hi, guys thank you for the support Drake_Green here, right now on Spear of Odin I wanna talk about the benefits of having a guild. On the guild section of the game, there's this thing like the world tree or guild tree(I don't quite remember) you can give love once a day(for free) to make the tree grow now why would like the tree to grow I'll tell you guys...

drakeg190's Blog > Game do's and dont's

Posted 20 September 2017

Hi, guys and thank you for reading my blogs, today im nearing level 20 and im planing to build my own guild the game has been pretty generous so far giving freebies everyday and and events with aweswome prices i've been following the facebook page for updates and events. The game is still glitchy and stil has a few bugs but I think management is trying to...