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EvilCoGames' Studio Projects > Terrorhythm EA is available on Steam

Posted 16 April 2018

Dear friends!
Today we are happy to announce that the game TERRORHYTHM is ready to be able to play it to everyone. April 7 the game was released in early access!Of course, there were some technical difficulties, the main ones of which we have fixed immediately

TERRORHYTHM - Dynamic beat 'em up game in the cyber...

EvilCoGames' Studio Projects > TERRORHYTHM (TRRT) Launchdate. Official teaser

Posted 21 March 2018

Hi, everybody!
Since the November 2017, we are working on our second game #TERRORHYTHM (TRRT). It makes us a great joy to inform you today that the game will be released on March 30th. So, get ready to meet the TERRORHYTHM (TRRT) - the music powered beat 'em up game. Check out the Official Teaser 
If you l...

EvilCoGames' Studio Projects > TERRORHYTHM (TRRT) custom music mode. Gameplay

Posted 19 February 2018

Hi there!
The game we are currently working on - TERRORHYTHM (TRRT) supports the custom music mode! You are allowed to upload any mp3 track to play it.
This is one of the most important features. Take a look! 
If you like it, please add this game to your Steam wishlist!
Game Steam page
Game Site

EvilCoGames' Studio Projects > Behind the scenes of TERRORHYTHM (TRRT)

Posted 07 February 2018

Hi, everybody!
We are still working on the #TERRORHYTHM characters'
animation. Now the main character has a deadly katana!
Shreds enemies quickly, easily and sharp!
Check it up! https://youtu.be/K07dmnyF5oQ Game Steam page: http://store.steampo...com/app/752380/
Game Site: http://terrorhythm.evilcg.com

EvilCoGames' Studio Projects > TERRORHYTHM (TRRT) game mobs

Posted 26 January 2018

Hi everybody! The development of our rhythm game TERRORHYTHM, fortunately, is still going on and is confidently approaching the early access.
Today we want to introduce our mobs. So:
http://cdn.akamai.st...39072c428ac.jpg  This is the basic mob. It takes one kick...