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The "How Do I Look?" Thread. Images, Wallpapers, Digital Art, and So Much More...

22 October 2019 - 06:25 PM

My former desktop wallpaper: AARocTU.jpg

Current wallpaper, I love this one: mgC1j0x.png

My lockscreen: QSmGVWx.png


This took me at least 6 straight hours using GIMP to get to the final one that I'm using now. I went through a bit of different versions first: k8R4r1S.jpg CoMAk6T.jpg OHAA8Fa.jpg 1ZVQCgY.jpg xmb28Hi.jpg DCF0slY.jpg plMa3HD.jpg 0qoRqD6.jpg


The background is supposed to be transparent, but alas, I was a fool and saved it as a jpg file... Meh, I'll fix it later.

Mod Showcase

21 October 2019 - 11:20 AM

My first mod in years, named the Power Staff. Not proud of this one, a little OP in the beginning of KotOR 1.




This is my most successful mod so far. Simply adds lightsabers that don't usually drop during this opening scene in Knights of the Old Republic.



This is by far my favorite mod that I created. Required some basic hex editing, but I wanted to have a blue and red saber just like this for a long time. The total downloads don't reflect just how awesome I think it is. I effing love this mod.dHW3fel.pngvXjkMuh.png


Proof that I'm the creator of these mods, here's my profile on a modding site.Br4jESn.png


A very minor mod I made on Steam.D0Aog9T.png


My most ambitious mod would be showcased here too, but I was an idiot and deleted it months after I made it a year or two ago. It was a mod for Hearts of Iron 4 on Steam titled "Irish Black Clovers" or "Ireland Black Clovers". It was a pretty cool cheat mod for Ireland if I do say so myself. Too bad it's gone forever.


Showcase some of your creations below if you'd like, I'd love to see what other CAG's have come up with for sure!