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In Topic: [H]A crapton of Steam Codes from bundles 'n' stuff [W] Games I don...

02 April 2019 - 08:03 PM

Sorry I missed my messages guys! I appreciate the interest. I'm going to drastically edit my list down.

In Topic: Hot Topic: What Should Be Done About Guns?

02 April 2019 - 07:31 AM

I've been the victim of two armed robberies. I hate guns, I'll never own one.


But I think people should be able to have whatever they want, and I wouldn't want my dislike of them to keep anyone else from owning or using guns for their most likely intended purposes. Maybe it's from growing up in a place like West Virginia, where you're more likely to be killed in a traffic accident caused by hitting a deer than by someone not yielding to traffic, and where coyotes were introduced to control their population without the game wardens/state planning/whatever considering that there's LOTS OF BIG SLOW LIVESTOCK- anyway, I'm getting off topic here...


Both of the armed robberies where I was the victim probably would've gone down similarly if someone had a knife or a samurai sword at the ready. They were sudden instances of wanton endangerment and violence, with no time to think, prepare, or do anything but react from a survival standpoint. Sure, you can grab the end of a knife (or a samurai sword because lol), but you can also do that with a gun. So what's worse? Getting your hands or gut or part of your leg sliced off or stabbed through, or getting a bullet through one of those similar places?


There is also a common fantasy that having a gun will somehow turn someone into a hero, because they might have been able to stop something before it happened. The instance of the mother killing an intruder was likely more based on instinct and fear than careful planning - I'm not putting that down either. That would've been a horrible situation had she not reacted quickly to what was a guaranteed dangerous situation. The problem is that the guarantee isn't always there. The other problem is that if someone yanks out an assault rifle and starts blasting, that 45 in your pocket will probably require more thought than that other person has to put in to pointing and firing a garden hose for bullets. I'm not trying to argue the science of these weapons here, I've shot a lot of guns. Not as an adult, but I grew up around them. I know what they feel like and what they do. Explanations of ballistics probably aren't going to budge me much on this point. The fantasy of being a hero is an unfortunate delusion shared by many gun owners. The reality of being someone in danger - ANYONE in danger is entirely different. Maybe some people would think about the fact they own a gun. I think it's more realistic to assume that if shots started getting popped off in the same room that you're in, you're more than likely going to try to play dead, altogether forget about your own gun, or get the hell out of there before you're turned into Swiss cheese.


Anyway, the point is I don't think putting a limit on peoples' personal freedoms is a good answer to controlling the problem, because I think it would place a final, "THERE FIXED IT!" stamp on top of something that will still be a gigantic problem. Rather than stopping violent crime, it'll just make everyone who owns a gun a criminal. The idea of someone having a gun in their home for protection isn't abhorrent to me, neither is it a problem to me that those people would use them for self defense.


What I don't like - The recent (Past 20 years or so?) tendency of people to reach for a gun first as a solution to violent actions. That should be the last place you go, not the first. This goes for everyone whether they're military, police, or just your normal dude who might go turkey or deer hunting. There is a strong tendency to solving any and all problems with a tool that is specifically made for the purpose of killing, and in relation to human beings that's not okay.


My thoughts in the whole gun debate boil down to this - Why do such a large group of people think that silencing, blackmailing, threatening, and outright killing others is an acceptable answer to their basic human problems? What has really changed in the past 30 years?


Okay, sure, I'm not backing this up with articles. I can find them, but just wanted to put my 2 cents in.


Thanks guys. Thanks to military personnel. Thanks to nonabusive law enforcement. Thanks to EVERYONE practicing their rights responsibly. I appreciate and support responsible gun use and ownership. Stay good everybody!

In Topic: Fitness thread

02 April 2019 - 06:52 AM

I've lost around 92 pounds since January of 2018, but I'm still pretty big. Trying to lose an additional 70. I was yanked off of a bunch of psychiatric meds a few years ago and more than doubled my body weight. It was a lot easier to put on than it has been taking it off, I can tell you that.

In Topic: Should Some Video Games Use A Two Year Life Cycle?

02 April 2019 - 06:49 AM

Y'know it really seems to depend on the game. I've never been a fan of sports games, unless they're of the, "Kooky," variety. Even still, only up until about the Sega Saturn/PS1 era. Stuff like Madden has never interested me. I would assume, however, that they don't do that because the team lineups change every year. If it wasn't tied to specific players and franchises that can change month-to-month, I would guess that they might do that. Every time a new game comes out they make tons of cash though, so I'm sure they're not complaining about just having to make some minor tweaks here and there. That's just what I think based on extremely limited information, though, I don't have any understanding of sports.


Now with the Call of Duty games... I kinda agree, it's pretty much all Activision friggin' has now, as anything other than just a publisher. But it sells! And every 8 months, or whatever, there's a new Call of Duty game that a handful of my friends run out to buy just so they can blow each other up in...new? and...exciting? ways? I guess?


I mean, for me, Unreal GOTY 1999 has had a 20 year life cycle.


Also, yeah, Battle Royales I can live without, but maybe it's not so different from all of the arena shooters that started to come out around 1998 and didn't stop until 2006.

In Topic: Dreamcast, The future is now! : Blue Stinger 2018

02 April 2019 - 06:34 AM

I have Blue Stinger, but haven't really played it much. I recently dug out my old Dreamcast stuff and filled out my collection a bit. I also got a DreamPi to play online (which I probably should've waited on since I don't have actual internet access right now.)