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#14069859 Do not feed the monkeys

Posted by Daniel Pacheco on 24 October 2018 - 09:56 AM


I was following Do not feed the monkeys for months and finally is release on Steam. 

Digital voyeur simulator... sounds great and the gameplay is really cool and bizarre.





#14064915 What's good on Steam this week?

Posted by Daniel Pacheco on 12 October 2018 - 10:48 AM

Hi all!

I am openning this thread to update which games deserves your attention in Steam. Every day Steam release around 30 games so is very bored to see which game could be good so that´s why I will be updating this thread weekly.

If someone feel that any of this games isn´t good enought or do you think that any other game has to be included, just share that game!

(I will update every week since Friday to Thursday)

- Crimson Gray: Dusk and Dawn

A slice of life visual novel with the emphasis on the slicing. Play as a mentally unstable young woman with blood on her hands trying to adapt to a normal life.


- Chaos Sector

Chaos Sector is a retro style Turn-Base universe strategy game. You can rule planet worlds, train distinctive commanders, build faction-exclusive units, develop technology, capture enemy planets, take enemy units and finally rule the whole sector.


- Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream is the story of little Lucy, who goes on an adventure into the world of dreams with the mission to save her mother.


- WWE 2K19

WWE 2K19 returns as the flagship WWE video game, with cover Superstar AJ Styles! Experience tons of creation options, match types and more!



"I hope that someday, you'll dream of me." -- CINERIS SOMNIA is a 3D adventure through a beautifully strange and mesmerizing world - and a young girl's cruel and forlorn dreams.


- CardLife: Cardboard Survival

CardLife is an online science fantasy survival game. Play by yourself or with others as you explore a fully editable cardboard world. Mine for resources, fight fantastical creatures and bring your imagination to life as you draw everything you craft.


- My Memory of Us

My Memory of Us is a reminiscence of a friendship between a boy and a girl. A friendship made during tough times. Times of terror, pain, and exclusion in a world where people were forced to live in two artificially detached worlds.


- Shortest Trip to Earth

Shortest Trip to Earth is a roguelike spaceship simulator focused on exploration, ship management and tactical battles. Embark on a perilous journey across the universe, while an intergalactic war is raging.


- Space Hulk: Tactics

Space Hulk: Tactics is a faithful adaptation of the board game Space Hulk, set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, bringing a unique twist to the cult classic formula. Engage in bloody battles as either a squad of Terminator Space Marines or the deadly alien Genestealers.


- Mark of the Ninja: Remastered

In Mark of the Ninja, you'll know what it is to truly be a ninja. You must be silent, agile and clever to outwit your opponents in a world of gorgeous scenery and flowing animation.


- Food Drive: Race against Hunger

Food Drive: Race against Hunger is a fun driving adventure into food bank awareness. By collecting food and making timely deliveries you can work your way through 3 levels of driving, delivery, and fun.



A free, VHS styled, first-person found footage horror game, which runs exactly for 5 minutes and 30 seconds.


- Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle 

Relive the glory days of cooperative arcade games with the Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle! This comprehensive collection includes seven classic titles, each with various multiplayer options and online capabilities!


- Pan Panda

There are pandas. You rescue them and it's kinda like capture the flag I guess.



ELDERBORN es un juego de combate en tiempo real en el que rajarás monstruos a diestro y siniestro a ritmo de música metal. Ábrete paso en esta aventura basada en clásicos de culto de los videojuegos en primera persona y revive la sensación de la vieja escuela, cuando los juegos te odiaban.


- Farm Together- BEST OF THE WEEK

¡Cultiva tu propia granja, ya sea solo o con tus amigos, en esta única y relajada experiencia granjística!


#14064912 New Youtube channel

Posted by Daniel Pacheco on 12 October 2018 - 10:43 AM

I like your channel!