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Blog david12795 > How to be productive? How to stay on-track?

Posted 12 July 2012

So yeah, currently finishing up my 2nd year of college, going onto my 3rd year. Thinking about double majoring in biology (currently a psych major). Moved to out of home for school. Been MIA these past few months. Now I am just doing night classes back @ home, which I have every day of the week :cry:

Any tips on being productive? Whenever I study, i find...

Blog david12795 > Any Droid experts? Just got my first android phone!

Posted 01 December 2011

(taken from deals request since i figured there would be more experts here)

All right so its really hard to convince my parents to get me an android or an iphone because they require a data and my parents wont pay for that and wont let me pay for it either. im on a family plan. att.

Long story short, i have decided to get virgin mobile for safety purpo...

Blog david12795 > Working on black friday @ Toys R Us. Tips on surviving?

Posted 25 November 2011

So yeah, recently got hired as a seasonal sales team member. Only worked there for two days. My third day will be black friday which should be a fun experience :-#

Any tips on surviving? Working from 1 am to 930 am!

Blog david12795 > Item got stolen from Toyota dealership. What to do?

Posted 25 June 2011

So I had to get my car repaired from the Toyota dealership. Long story short, I dropped off my car and my car keys (which had my USB drive on it). I get it back 2 days ago and the USB drive is gone. And there is no way it could have fallen off. Only way it can come off is by force, and I'm assuming someone who was repairing my car did that. I called the a...

Blog david12795 > Your opinions on customs OS on netbooks? Any other suggestions to make it better?

Posted 20 June 2011

I recently got an HP Mini 210. here are the specifications:


What OS would you guys recommend? I heard Linux Mint or Ubuntu is the way to go but I'm just not sure which one will work because i hear wireless doesnt work on...