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Sadly for Sale:

28 June 2018 - 06:15 AM

Hello and thanks for looking!  I am a long time CAGer and have been just out of the loop for a long time but I am back.... to finish selling my collection to move on to whatever else is next for me.  I am looking to primarily sell.  I am looking for a copy of God of War but outside of that I am pretty much good.   I also to do this I need to ship first.  I don't really have a problem with this but I am kinda hit financially (hence me trying to sell my collection)  so I am down to do paypal all day but I would need shipping first to ship your item then you can pay me when you receive.  Anyway I work a lot and will look at the post as much as possible but feel free to pm (preferably) me to talk.  I will update with prices if I can.  I am also willing to offer up pics upon request.  I am also not like totally dead set on prices but i am not really fielding low ball offers. 


Thank you!




Nintendo DS


The World Ends With You (complete) -15

Ridge Racer DS (Sealed) -15

Magical Starsign (complete) -6

Point Blank ds (sealed) -15

New Super Mario Bros (complete) -15

Super Mario 64 DS (complete) -15

Tetris DS (complete) -5

Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword (complete) -7


Playstation 1


Mortal Kombat Trilogy (GH) (Sealed) -50

Tekken 3 (GH) (Sealed) -50

Brave Fencer Musashi (Complete) -34

Chrono Cross (complete) -7

Final Fantasy Origins (complete) -18

The Granstream Saga (Complete) -9

Resident Evil Directors Cut (game and back of cd case where the cd sits only) -6

Breat of Fire III (complete) -20

Castlevania Symphony of the Night (complete) not the real jewel case.  Jewel case in broken condition but still use able. -40

Twisted Metal (GH) (complete) -8

Resident Evil 2 (complete) -17


Playstation 2


MegaMan X7 (Sealed) -85

ATV Offroad Fury 2 (Sealed) -12

Spyhunter GH (Sealed) -15

Spyhunter 2 (Sealed) -25

Makai Kingdom (Sealed) -25

Samuri Legend Musashi (Sealed) - 30

Harvest Moon Save the Homeland (Sealed) -25

Midnight Club Street Racing (GH) (Sealed) - 17

XGRA Extreme G Racing Association (Sealed) - 25

Batman Rise of Sin Tzu (Sealed) - 50

Xenosaga Episode 1 (complete) - 10

Arc the Lad (Sealed) - 15

Tribes Aerial Assault (Sealed) - 15

Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks (complete) -12

Mortal Kombat Armageddon Premium Edition (complete) -10

Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter (complete) -18

Grandia Xtreme (complete) -23

Dragon Quest VIII (complete) -10

Final Fantasy XII Collectors Edition (complete) -13

Mortal Kombat Deception (complete) -13

We heart Katamari (complete) -10

Time Crisis 3 with guncon 2 (complete) -50


Playstation 3


The Beatles Rockband game only (Sealed) -12

Tomb Raider Target Steelbook version (Sealed) - 35

Hitman (Sealed) - 15

Batman 2 DC Super Heroes (Sealed) - 13

Dishonored (Sealed) - 12

Warhawk (GH) (Sealed) - 12

Street Fighter IV collectors edition (complete) -25


Playstation 4


Watchdogs (complete) - 7

Infamous Second Son (limited edition) (complete) -12

Need for Speed Rivals (complete) -13

Batman Arkham Knight (complete) I don't believe I used the code for the exclusive skins pack. -13

The Evil Within 2 (Complete) - 18





Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core (sealed) -50

Final Fantasy Tactics The war of the lions (Sealed) -50



Nintendo 3ds


The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (Sealed) -35

Pilotwings Resort (complete) -5

Finding Nemo Escape to the Big Blue (Sealed) -30

Super Mario 3d Land (complete) -15


Gameboy Advance


Final Fantasy 1 & 2 Dawn of Souls (Sealed) Box a little beat up.  Nothing terrible. -44

Sonic Advance 3 (Sealed) Box also a little worn. -50

Sword of Mana (Sealed) -55

Boktai (Sealed) -100

Rock and Roll Racing (Complete Box Smashed) -40

F-Zero GP Legend (Complete) -9

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Top of Box has a few wrinkles (complete) -10

Tetris Worlds (Game and Box only) Box has been worn -8

River City Ransom (complete) Box nice but crinkled -28

Super Mario World Super Mario Advance 2 (complete) -12

Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance (complete) -30




Donkey Kong Junglebeat (Sealed) -75


Wii U


Mario Kart 8 (complete) -15

Super Mario 3d World (complete) -15


Gameboy Color


The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages (complete) Good condition -35




Contra (game only) -25

Tiger Heli (game only) -4

Final Fantasy (game with sleeve cover) -15

Double Dragon III (game with sleeve cover) -9

Dragon Warrior II (game with nintendo sleeve cover) -34

The Karate Kid (game only) -5


Nintendo Wii


Super Mario Galaxy 2 (complete) -15

Super Smash Bros Brawl (compete) -20

Metroid Prime 3 Corruption (complete) -5


Super Nintendo


Breath of Fire II (game only) -50

Pilotwings (game only) -5

Battleclash and super scope six (game and gun)



Nintendo 64


Pilotwings 64 (game only) -5

Southpark (game only) -10

Goldeneye 007 (game only) -20