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#12717780 Target Cartwheel: 35% off Halo Master Chief Collection, 10% off Playstation 3...

Posted by psunami on 31 May 2015 - 01:59 PM

A cag user on here told me that the cartwheel price match stacks don't work anymor, he tried it over a month ago :(

I did it a few weeks ago, so I don't believe that to be true.  

#12678576 Best Buy DOTD: 05/01 Disney Infinity: 2.0 Collector Edition PS3/PS4 $89....

Posted by psunami on 06 May 2015 - 11:28 AM

I just like having to swap tapes when I watch Casino.

Funny, I feel the same way about my Laserdisc collection.  As I get older, the disc flip becomes a built-in bathroom break.  

#12648167 Target Clearance Thread XXII

Posted by psunami on 18 April 2015 - 08:37 PM

Brickseeker shows 1 in stock and 2 salable now for PS4 $11.98. Might stop in and take a look later.

My store says the same thing but they wouldn't do anything to help me find them since they were a clearance item.  

#12541195 3D Blu-Ray thread

Posted by psunami on 02 March 2015 - 03:37 AM

Credit where it's due, but i saw this posted over at Slickdeals.


Disney 3D movies - Buy 1 Get 1 on Amazon.co.uk.


Beauty and the Beast



Monsters University


Lion King 


Wreck-It Ralph


Comes to about $30 shipped per pair to the U.S.  


All are region free.

#12538300 Target Clearance Thread XXII

Posted by psunami on 28 February 2015 - 05:38 PM

And those that frown on it can shove it up their ass.  There's nothing illegal about it.

There are some stores that won't let you rebuy the item you return though. They will make you go try to find another copy in store. Seems ridiculous but they did that to me with the Limited Edition for Assassin's Creed IV for the PS3. Thankfully they found a copy that someone had hidden in the back of the store.

#12511777 Official Skylanders Thread

Posted by psunami on 18 February 2015 - 12:30 PM

I just got one off of Amazon.  Don't know how, but I got lucky.  


(And still showing as available.)

#12507081 amiibo Deals and Discussion Thread

Posted by psunami on 16 February 2015 - 10:56 PM

Well, that certainly is a bummer.  Missed out on the MetaKnight Preorder.  Congrats to those of you that got him.  

#12495288 New Nintendo 3DS Bundles up for Preorder at Gamestop, Best Buy, Target! (...

Posted by psunami on 13 February 2015 - 01:44 PM

I stopped at my closest Target and they only had 2 Majora's Mask units and there were 6 of us there. There was some kid that showed up with his mom about 2 minutes before open and then speed walked to the electronics counter to try and jump the line. Three of us politely told him that he should just get to the back and take his proper place. Can't believe his mom didn't say anything to him. Some people's children.

#12461222 Amiibos Currently Available and for Pre-order. Wave 4 announced *Do not post...

Posted by psunami on 01 February 2015 - 02:08 PM

I got a bit lucky this morning.  Decided last night not to wait in line and called a few stores when I woke up.  One store still had 4 remaining when I called, drove the 15 minutes to the store and picked it up and they still had 2 remaining after I bought mine.  (Mall of Georgia in Buford.)  

#12441089 Cheap PS Vita Games Thread

Posted by psunami on 25 January 2015 - 06:23 AM

Soul Sacrifice is $7.99 at Best Buy, $6.39 after GCU.  




It's been on PS Plus before, but it saves you the memory card space this way.  

#12396127 Target Clearance Thread XXII

Posted by psunami on 08 January 2015 - 06:41 PM

You should have taken what's in the box.

You're so STUPID!!!!!!

#12396035 Target Clearance Thread XXII

Posted by psunami on 08 January 2015 - 06:12 PM

Not in the video game category, but I got an online copy of the Blu-Ray for UHF for $3.something a few days before Christmas.  



#12393482 Amiibos Currently Available and for Pre-order. Wave 4 announced *Do not post...

Posted by psunami on 07 January 2015 - 08:36 PM

Ugh my villager from amazon.de has not moved since it was shipped lol...searching the tracking number it looks like it has been stuck in customs for over a week now?


Your shipment has been flagged for review of the contents prior to export 12/30/2014 8:03:34 PM Surrey   GB

Package details received electronically from Seller                                     12/30/2014 8:02:52 PM      

My Marth is sitting in Surrey as well.  I hope they are becoming friends while they wait together.

#12383725 50% off discontinued games and consoles at Target starting the 28th. YMMV? [D...

Posted by psunami on 04 January 2015 - 04:26 AM

For NFS:MW U: 207-30-0760


Thank you for that.  It is at a store on my way to an errand in the morning.  If everything is still going, I'll try to pick it up.  


Thanks again.

#12366045 Target Cartwheel Coupon: 40% off all Skylanders Trap Team starter packs!

Posted by psunami on 28 December 2014 - 09:57 PM

I got the WiiU version for the kids for $29.99 after an Amazon Price match and Cartwheel. Thanks, OP.