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17 March 2023 - 05:31 AM

Gurumin 3D is $1.99. Just picked it up myself.

The big questipn for me is what DLC to get. I have lots 3DS physical games, would hate to be blocked out from important DLC. Heard the DLC for Fantasy Life is pretty substantial, and that there is a Fire Emblem game only available via DLC as well?

Short answer, yes. It's for Fire Emblem Fates, and it's kinda weird. In terms of story DLC, It's Birthright/Conquest, and Revelations. But wait, aren't Birthright and Conquest the main games? Yes, but this game did something that I wished Pokemon would've done; you can buy the other version as DLC. I think there are some other story DLC that are not just challenge maps that I'm forgetting. It's been a while.

In Topic: Nintendo eShop Deals and Discussions

16 March 2023 - 08:12 PM



My questions are:


Do 3DS and DS games show in the online eShop purchase history?


When you search for games, does it show "owned" or "purchased"?


Were you to purchase it again -- not realizing -- would it say "you already own this"?


Is there a way to add the 3DS games to the cart in the online eShop, or is it just "direct download" only?


And, in y'all's experience, is it easier to get the games in the console eShop or the online one?


Both are...frustrating...but it definitely seems easier to navigate the online shop, but it might be easier to download the games in console, bypassing the middle-man, if you will.


Anywho, thank y'all for any help here, and sorry for rambling so much.  I appreciate you.  Take care, everyone.

Just make sure the accounts you're using online and on the 3DS are the same. If you bought it on the webpage, then on the 3DS, it should say "redownload". And vice versa if you bought it on the 3DS, then checked the webpage later on, it should say "already downloaded". Unfortunately, Nintendo's purchase method does not have a shopping cart, so "direct download" only. For me, it's easier to buy it from the webpage. Maybe it's because of how my wifi works, the 3DS can be spotty at times, and also it won't stop you from buying it, just because you don't have enough space on your SD card.

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10 March 2023 - 08:56 AM

And the 3DS has a unique way of playing games that is kinda hard to replicate, especially if the second screen is used in a meaningful and convenient way. Like for the DS version of The Urbz, the touch screen basically replaced the pause screen from the GBA version. So that means while your Sim is sleeping, you can manage and review some other things.


Sometimes it's the presentation too, which is one of the reasons why I got all the Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice Ace Attorney games on 3DS. I hope Atlus and a couple others would go on sale too. Would be interested in one of the Etrian Odyssey titles (not sure if the HD remasters are the originals or the Untold versions), and the Picross E titles as well.

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09 March 2023 - 11:41 PM

I'm supremely out of the loop so can someone catch me up? Will wii / 3/2ds games still be playable and downloadable after the shutdown or is it the case where if it's not downloaded too bad? Highly considering some 3ds games and maybe umbrella chronicles but kinda depends on how accessible they'll be. $3 is a great price for the ace attorney trilogy and the re games there so def gonna pick em up just curious if I need to get an SD card to install them all now or if I'll be good as long as I buy them now.

Any other major gems worth picking up? Ive never played a monster hunter game so maybe one of them? Or anything else in general I should watch for?

-As of right now, the shutdown is for the PURCHASE of said games. You can still download the games as long as it's in your account and as long as the servers are still up. As far as I know, there are no constant online checks, so play them offline as much as you want. Pretty much, you download it, it's yours.


-You can just buy as much as you want on the webpage version of the eShop. If you don't have room for it, it'll just remain in your account, just access the eShop on your 3DS at your convenience, and select redownload the software. IIRC, if you buy it on the 3DS proper, they will stop you from buying it if you're low on space. 


-Played through a fair bit of MH4 and MHGenerations, I'll choose Generations, it's like a greatest hits of sorts. Though MH4 has a decent story mode IIRC.

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21 January 2023 - 03:46 AM

House of the dead remake is $12.49. But I remember reading somewhere it’s actually not as good as the Wii version because of the joycons?

At least going by Maximillian Dood's playthrough of it. Yeah, that's one of the reasons. He actually uses the Pro Controller's gyro, and that worked out better. He also touched on the bias of comparing it to the actual arcade version and how having the reticle changes things in terms of general game feel.