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#14050100 Nintendo eShop Deals - 12/6: The Game Awards Sale! $42 SMO/XC2,...

Posted by krzysio87 on 09 September 2018 - 05:40 PM

Gamestop has the Joycon battery pack on clearance, and easily available, for $12. Good for games like Arms and SMO that use the split Joycon setup. I mostly bought it to use as a grip, as it increases the size of the Joycon to slightly larger than the Wii Remote.



#13975106 Limited Run Games Thread - The Switch is on!

Posted by krzysio87 on 02 April 2018 - 01:49 PM

Pack it up everyone else, your done.

Youhadagood Run Games.




#13971248 Nintendo eShop Deals - 6/14: E3 & WB Sales! $45 BotW, $10 G...

Posted by krzysio87 on 26 March 2018 - 11:24 PM

Valid points for sure, but the changes they made that is now BotW, doesn't even feel like a Zelda game to me anymore. Might be a great open world game like Skyrim or GTA, but as a main Zelda title, it didn't move me at all. WW & BotW are the only two titles I had to force myself to play, with me only finishing WW.


After months of playing BotW, I finally had enough, as it just wasn't fun, at least WW was nice to look at, but BotW was nothing special graphically. The game was just a snooze fest, as even though the world was HUGE, it was about as boring to me as WW was. If this is where the series is going, I'll probably be retiring. LOL

Zelda for me went from, wait two hours in line to get a Wii; to, eh, I should pick up BotW before my preorder gets canceled. 


There are parts that I liked; I had no idea the Divine Beasts existed until I spotted the one in Gerudo because I wandered there right after finishing Great Plateau. But then it slowly starting getting so monotonous after that, with so little of the game having any real purpose other than to take up time, that I ended up feeling relieved it's over by the time I finished it.


Zelda should be like, 50 hrs tops anyway.


(I loved WW, even though sailing got so boring I'd set a course and leave the room for 10min. I usually made it to my destination.)

#13965546 Nintendo eShop Deals - 6/14: E3 & WB Sales! $45 BotW, $10 G...

Posted by krzysio87 on 17 March 2018 - 11:45 AM

Any news on the reports of the physical copy of sonic mania for the switch?
I was told of a possible digital sale in the near future. If a physical copy is getting released. I think I will wait for it.
I bet it will have some cool retro themed case with it.



NS version comes out in the summer for $30, same as the other two. The new content will be available as a free update for the digital version. Reversable cover with Genesis branding.

#13956031 Nintendo eShop Deals - 6/14: E3 & WB Sales! $45 BotW, $10 G...

Posted by krzysio87 on 01 March 2018 - 02:40 PM

So is "N" rewards program still just pretty much all digital games and discounts? No physical merchandise right?


I signed up early on, but the system seemed rather confusing, with nothing really worth my effort to try and obtain. Also, did they ever set it up where kids under 13 can have their own accounts for points earning, or at least a way to attached to a parents account?

Japan gets the occasional physical reward; but nothing here, so far. 


You can set up children's accounts, though I haven't any clue how they work.


#13917465 Nintendo eShop Deals - 6/14: E3 & WB Sales! $45 BotW, $10 G...

Posted by krzysio87 on 30 December 2017 - 01:42 PM

I ended up getting it with the B2G1 thing at GS. I’ll give it a shot and if I absolutely hate it, maybe I’ll exchange it in the 7-day period but I did want to try it at least.

Edit: just played through the first mission and the controls aren’t great but, honestly, I had fun with it. Mostly was looking at the gamepad and maybe I just had set really low expectations. Still was more enjoyable than I feared after reading some of the comments here.


Personally, I liked SF: Zero, it's just that it took two playthroughs to master the second screen mechanic. By then I had a much easier time fighting the bosses and felt like I actually knew what I needed to do. One secret boss in particular took about a dozen tries the first time, afterward, I beat it quickly enough to get a medal.


That being said, I genuinely liked the Wii/ Wii U era Nintendo for being more experimental, so I never minded having to learn a new control scheme for a game.

#13641321 Nintendo eShop Deals - 6/14: E3 & WB Sales! $45 BotW, $10 G...

Posted by krzysio87 on 24 February 2017 - 03:49 PM

Axiom Verge is getting a physical release, and for the Wii U no less. No date or price yet, outside of a vague Q2 2017 release window. 






Axiom Verge: Multiverse Edition and Standard Edition

The Multiverse Edition of Axiom Verge will include a copy of the game, a deluxe booklet with developer commentary and art, double-sided poster, with a DVD making-of documentary. This special edition will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Wii U. Other formats are to be confirmed.

A Standard Edition will also be available — and will include a physical copy of the game. This version of the game will be available on PlayStation 4 only.



#13622881 Nintendo eShop Deals - 6/14: E3 & WB Sales! $45 BotW, $10 G...

Posted by krzysio87 on 07 February 2017 - 12:49 PM

How much does the Nintendo online store charge for shipping?

When I bought the stylus a while back, I only paid around a couple dollars for shipping. What they charge really depends on the size of your order. Going to checkout is the only way to make sure.

#13550307 Nintendo eShop Deals - 6/14: E3 & WB Sales! $45 BotW, $10 G...

Posted by krzysio87 on 01 December 2016 - 01:31 PM

Nintendo changed some settings for Nintendo Accounts allowing User IDs and the ability to create up to 5 child accounts (sorry Catholics). They also updated the My Nintendo website with a new look and the same crappy rewards.


In other Nintendo news, the best 3DS game is either Mario 3D Land or Luigi's Mansion. 

#13531548 Nintendo eShop Deals - 6/14: E3 & WB Sales! $45 BotW, $10 G...

Posted by krzysio87 on 22 November 2016 - 05:14 AM

Will you be catching a male Pumpkaboo and naming it Trump to go with Ivanka?


First he'd have to name his trainer Vladimir before he could get Trump to obey orders.

#13508523 Nintendo eShop Deals - 6/14: E3 & WB Sales! $45 BotW, $10 G...

Posted by krzysio87 on 03 November 2016 - 01:01 PM

[...] Nintendo is making this system with the full intention that you will only be playing it on the TV less than 50% of the time. That will affect how games are made and ported to the console.

Well, that's awfully presumptuous of them.

#13480441 Nintendo eShop Deals - 6/14: E3 & WB Sales! $45 BotW, $10 G...

Posted by krzysio87 on 05 October 2016 - 04:59 PM

Randomly thinking about getting a 3dsxl (gotta use coins before they expire and they don't have shit for wii u)


I haven't handheld gamed since the original gameboy


I've done a little research online but I am wondering if any of you have info or recommendations for


system/bundle (I shop on amazon)

should I wait till holidays?

anything I need to know about the system or current handheld gaming that would help me?

these current systems play older games from older systems? if so which? all?

anything else?

I'd recommend considering a 2DS if price is a factor for you and you don't mind a slightly less powerful system that doesn't have the 3D effect. You'd miss out on SNES virtual console, some indie titles, and Xenoblade; and some games run at a lower frame rate. But you'd only pay half the price for access to almost all of 3DS library, and every DS and DSiware game.


I personally think the DS library is far superior to the 3DS library so I also recommend focusing on both more or less equally and not just the 3DS because it's newer.


DS recommendations: Art Style Series (DSiware), Bangai-o Spirits, all three Castlevania games, Chrono Trigger, Contact, Elite Beat Agents, Final Fantasys IV and Four Heroes of Light, Ghost Trick, Hotel Dusk and Last Window (LW is an EU import), Kirby canvas Curse, Nine Nine Nine, Picross DS, Picross 3D, Radiant Historia, Theresia (really underrated adventure game, one of my favorites), and X-scape


3DS recommendations: Sega 3D classics series, Box Boy, Luigi's Mansion, Return to Popolocrois


Whichever 3DS you buy, get a pouch/case for it and absolutely get the appropriate screen protectors.


Also here's a link to the DS and 3DS games I own, in case you want to look through it.





#13379675 Nintendo eShop Deals - 6/14: E3 & WB Sales! $45 BotW, $10 G...

Posted by krzysio87 on 24 June 2016 - 01:11 PM

PM me if you want my E3 demo of Bloodstained. It's Steam only so I'd rather give it away.



#13236699 3DS eShop Deals - 3/28: Natsume Sale/Resident Evil/Sega 3D Classics Sales,...

Posted by krzysio87 on 06 March 2016 - 04:56 AM

Bravely Second: End Layer Demo Code:



#13126472 Rodea the Sky Soldier - Wii U - $36.20 - Amazon

Posted by krzysio87 on 29 December 2015 - 12:35 AM

So how can we be sure that a new sealed game is a first run production that has both discs? If I buy from Amazon, is that a given? What if I buy it from a store, like Target?

I can't speak for all the copies, but mine has a red sticker with "Bonus game inside!" printed on it.


Also, since the box would have two discs, you can physically check if it has the center insert with the other disc without needing to open the box.