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In Topic: The 2022 Gamestop Thread

23 June 2022 - 06:17 AM

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Smh. I swear I hate them.

Idk man. Charging full price for Battlefield in nearly every bundle is pretty cool of them!

In Topic: Xbox One controllers $10-$12 through Instacart/Costco

14 June 2022 - 05:09 PM

I was able to get 3! Thanks for the tip!

In Topic: The 2022 Gamestop Thread

06 June 2022 - 02:34 AM

Noticed something weird about my transaction after reading this one. Went back and checked the exact numbers again, I got $143 in credit in trade, spent about $105 of it in that same transaction and got about $38 back on a card. The amount of negative points matches up exactly with the 20/dollar on the amount I got back on the card rather than the entire purchase, maybe that has something to do with it?

This seems like what's going on. I've made several trades and haven't seen a drop, but it has all gone on preorders.

In Topic: The 2022 Gamestop Thread

04 June 2022 - 05:32 AM

When I was in earlier I was told that there weren't any active trade in bonuses towards any preorders currently, only some newer games that are already out

The Ascent: Cyber Edition gets the extra 20% and doesn't come out until September. I got it today.

In Topic: The 2022 Gamestop Thread

03 June 2022 - 01:15 AM

Does anyone know if it has to be a new preorder to trigger the extra 20% boost? I know it didn't have to be but I've also had it not show for a current preorder too.