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#12135349 CAGcast #382: The Fox News of Gaming

Posted by painkillah on 03 October 2014 - 10:18 AM

LOL OMG the mic thing is crazy. I get tired of hearing your little kids yelling in the background. I have my mic adapter plugged in all the time but you can still hear the other guys through the speakers. I think there is a setting to play voice through headset only. Maybe that would mute the other guys while I have the adapter plugged in. 


Well I remembered seeing the headset option recently. However, there is no option for voice through headset only on XB1. How embarrassing is it that the PS4 has this option but the XB1 does not haha. Oh well I guess this is another example of MS going backwards instead of forward. 

#12122796 Triple your PowerUp Rewards Pro trade bonus on any games traded toward Call o...

Posted by painkillah on 27 September 2014 - 06:50 AM

Starts Saturday. Get a free poster with purchase of any COD game. Stores open one hour early for Plus members. Really didn't plan on pre ordering this COD but I'm willing to trade in my PS4 Destiny for $52 towards COD AW. 



Promo was not combinable with $40 min value for Destiny still got $45.50 and a free poster so not bad. 

#12088912 CAGcast #379: Follow the Money

Posted by painkillah on 12 September 2014 - 09:10 PM

They don't want to call it an MMO because ALL of the most recent MMOs have failed horribly. ESO being the latest failure. I think like any MMO, Destiny is a work in progress. Never seen a finished MMO release day one. Neverwinter was pretty close. Trust me these zones are not small when you choose a story mission you get dropped close to the objective but all of the zones for the most part are open at all times. Patrols are free roam if you like that. There are dynamic events which are cool. Too bad Xbox One seems broke in this aspect. I am level 5 on PS4 and I have seen a dynamic event. I am level 18 on XB1 and have not seen one dynamic event.  Check it out this weekend something new should pop. Raids have not dropped yet. If you like Halo and you like MMO Destiny is a great game IMO. 


Uhh XB1 games to get for new owners: Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Metro Redux, Diablo 3, Forza 5, Destiny, Titanfall, COD Ghost. Titanfall may be lacking a single player but for a multiplayer only game it is the best to date. Destiny has to be the best FPS MMO ever. Lacking story? Maybe but most FPS fans just want to go shoot shit. RPG fans rather hear about fairies and wizards anyway hahaha.  Can't please everyone. 


Borderlands, Borderlands, Borderlands. Two words: NO VAULT haha. First REAL dlc is dun dun dun, a vault!!! Borderlands 2 was forgettable and the prequel is already forgotten. I own both Borderlands on playthrough plus plus plus Co op is essential and story on the original was good other than NO VAULT. 

#12077707 GameFly September 2014 Used Game Sale: Thief (XB1/PS4) $10, Titanfall...

Posted by painkillah on 09 September 2014 - 01:17 AM

Definitely grabbing Lego Movie on XB1. That has to the cheapest it has ever been. 

I grabbed it new from BB for $26 and after a couple weeks traded in for $26. It is well worth $15. Think the trade value is still $25 from what I have seen. Plenty of play time but not as long as Marvel. Marvel was the first Lego game I have completed and The Movie was the second. Both are great games I enjoyed the actual movie. Marvel is prob my fav out of the two. 

#12053323 Gamestop PS3 and 360 trade in for up to 150 off new PS4

Posted by painkillah on 31 August 2014 - 01:24 AM

Can I trade this towards the Destiny PS4?

I went in today to trade in for a Destiny PS4. He could not get the PS3 trade in promo to apply to the preorder. Told me to apply my games and accessory balance towards the preorder. He said I could come in after 5pm day before release to apply the PS3 promo to Destiny PS4 so I wouldn't have to carry it up there at midnight launch.

Also you only pay tax for the portion paid in cash/credit. My final price after all trades and tax is $128. Not bad for what could have been $480. Too bad Kongregate coupon expires on the 7th it won't apply to any preorders so guess it will go towards some PSN or XBL credit.

#11958760 "DEAD" Xbox 360 4gb S model console $303 trade in Best Buy

Posted by painkillah on 27 July 2014 - 05:28 AM

LOL my 320gb Halo4 edition only worth $87  :-({|=

#11934319 Walmart B&M 50% bonus trade in with Madden 15 preorder, confirmed near...

Posted by painkillah on 18 July 2014 - 06:04 AM

Never tried it and I don't think it'd work. It's worth a shot though. I'll try it maybe tomorrow and I'll update you on it.


Egift cards cannot be redeemed at self checkout. I don't know if it's YMMV but last year I remember seeing signs displayed saying that. I tried it anyway on my first trip this week because I was shopping and didn't see anything posted. I assumed they updated the policy but I was unsuccessful paying with the paper. 

#11920746 Walmart B&M 50% bonus trade in with Madden 15 preorder, confirmed near...

Posted by painkillah on 13 July 2014 - 11:27 PM

Barely touched Watch Dogs but for ~$54 TIV I will trade mine in. I have time to wait for sale.


Sweet here we go YMMV:


Sony Playstation 4 Infamous: Second Son Working $25.50
Microsoft Xbox One Watch Dogs Working $39.78
Nintendo WiiU Mario Kart 8 Working $39.78
Sony Playstation 4 EA Sports UFC Working $40.80
Microsoft Xbox One EA Sports UFC Working $40.80
Total: $186.66+$93.33(50%bonus)-$5(Madden preorder)=$274.99-$151=$124 profit
I used buy one get one pre owned 40% off and picked up watch dogs and infamous for $55
I used my buy two get one free preowned GCU coupon for mario and UFC X2  
I still have a copy of watch dogs

#10940917 CAGcast #332: Delete This Show

Posted by painkillah on 28 July 2013 - 02:01 AM

Haha, the 2nd amendment is meant to arm militias not every American citizen. It was also written at a time when most weapons were created equal. Nowadays the most well armed civilians couldn't stand toe to toe with the ATF, i.e. Wako, must less a military force. It wasn't long ago you could bitch slap Barney Fife and run him off your property. Present day Barney would come back with SWAT and turn you home into swiss cheese. A closer comparison of gun control in a Democratic union like America would be with Australia. If your gun entitlement helps you sleep at night that's OK. In reality, if Monsanto or Exxon took control of our government, no militia or country for that matter would have enough power and resources to do anything about it. We have the greatest military might in the world. It dwarfs all formidable forces combined. Not in numbers but in capabilities.