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Blog horns456 > Test

Posted 11 August 2010


Blog horns456 > A Wedding Told in 200 Pics - Drunk Bridesmaids is Pic Intense Blog

Posted 09 August 2010

Be patient, this will take a moment to load.

These pics are from a random wedding I went to over the weekend in Massachusetts. I tried to keep them in order, but there may be a few duplicates and/or slightly out of order pics. Please keep the comments appropriate.

The events basically went like this:
-Rehearsal dinner
-Getting ready...

Blog horns456 > Who in the world thought this poster was a good idea?

Posted 06 August 2010


Seriously Warner Brothers?

Blog horns456 > Why is GTA IV so Hated?! My Rant :(

Posted 03 August 2010

In my opinion GTA IV receives a little too much hate in the forums. The game is one of the best games out this generation. Even if you don't like it there are some facts that trump your opinion.

1. It is the Highest Reviewed game on 360 and PS3 across dozens and dozens of reviewers. It wasn't one or two great reviews, almost everyone of them is ve...

Blog horns456 > You Laugh, You Lose X - Enough Gifs to Kill Your Comp + Bonuses

Posted 02 August 2010

The rules are simple. If you laugh I win and you lose. Well maybe that makes us all winners. These are just random funny images from a few recent forums. Some are old, some are new and some are not funny, the lolz are free CAGs and we like free stuff at CAG. :)

This may take a moment to load...please be patient .

This is the 10th "You Laugh, You Lose...