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#14367011 Xbox Series S/X Re-stock Thread

Posted by Rodster on 03 January 2021 - 05:11 AM

HUH?  They are an amazing value. You can't even build a PC with a 4K player as powerful as the PS5 or Series X for under $1000 so both systems are an absolute steal.


You are making a mistake by comparing consoles to PC's. The person you responded to was trying to make the point by comparing the PS5 to the PS4 and the Series X to the Xbox One. The value proposition is not as good as it was last gen. You want to expand the Series X by an additional 1TB? That's $200 more. Whereas you could buy a larger external USB drive for a 1/4 the price and play the games from that drive.


The PS4 Pro and Xbox X can also do 4k. Sure the performance should be better on the newer consoles but the value isn't there especially when the games already looked pretty good on the PS4 Pro and X.

#14363529 Xbox Series S/X Re-stock Thread

Posted by Rodster on 20 December 2020 - 09:19 PM

Decided to cancel the gamestop holiday bundle for the series x.

If you add it up the math doesn't make sense and they up charged you 10 bucks for buying the bundle not to mention that the two games are currently on sale for 29.99 and 39.99.

Console 499.99 games are 120 controller is 60 and gamepass is 45 which equals 725 and they were charging 735 for the bundle.

Didn't seem like that great of a deal unless shipping was included.

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You are looking at it the wrong way. It's not a question of whether it's a good deal or not. It boils down to how bad do you want it. There are tons of people on Ebay paying 3-4 times what you thought Gamestop was overcharging you. Now if you don't really want a Series X that bad then you probably made the right choice. But if you've been badly wanting a next-gen console then you messed up.


I'm waiting for Microsoft Flight Simulator to get released on the Series X so i'm in no rush and I currently have roughly 335,000 rewards points I want to redeem towards the purchase of the Series X so I can wait till next year.

#14363009 BestBuy DOTD interesting selection 4.99

Posted by Rodster on 19 December 2020 - 08:34 AM

NBA 2K21 for all platforms minus next-gen is $17.99

#14322256 Microsoft Rewards Breakdown

Posted by Rodster on 13 September 2020 - 11:16 PM

I don't think achievements work with the free play version. I havent had any luck and same thing for everyone on the MS Rewards reddit

They don't work. I faked out with juke moves a bunch of defenders and I didn't get an achievement. There's a YT video on how to get that achievement, I tried it and it doesn't produce an achievement.


What's weird is MS offered a Free Play Punchcard so I don't get it.

#14309218 Microsoft Rewards Breakdown

Posted by Rodster on 27 July 2020 - 04:27 AM

I'm really pissed, I just got another achievement which makes 5 in the last 3 days but i'm only credited with one. So today is my last day of the Weekly Set and Microsoft killed it for me so there goes my 2500 points next week. And they have killed off trying to contact them thru the Rewards website.

#14309055 Microsoft Rewards Breakdown

Posted by Rodster on 26 July 2020 - 01:14 PM

Anyone else having trouble or not getting credit for achievements? I have not recieved my achievement credit for Gears 5 so my +500 point Gears 5 punch card is missing an achievement. I had an achievement last night and I did not receive credit. I had an achievement this morning and did not receive credit. So my 59 Week streak (Weekly Set) is in jeopardy with two days to go. I'm working the next two days.


I went to contact MS on their Rewards website and for the last several months I get the message, "sorry something went wrong on our end, try again". You try again and get the same message. In the past you could contact them and they would respond and take care of the problem. Not anymore.

#14255480 New Nintendo Switch Lite $139.99 at GameStop Store Closing

Posted by Rodster on 13 January 2020 - 10:25 PM

I don't begrudge anyone their interest in frequenting GameStop or taking advantage of their store closing sales.  That being said, I managed an EB Games when GameStop bought them out and the transition was ugly.  I went to working for a company that genuinely gave a few shits about their employees to one that was willing to treat them terribly in order to squeeze out a few more percentage points of profit.  Probably why they won out, but they were a rotten company 20 years ago.  Hopefully they've improved.  


Regardless....  If their business ends, I'll personally smile a little smile. 

I certainly won't cry knowing some of their business practices. But what really took them over the edge was Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo selling directly to the customer. You can now find great deals on digital games and now Microsoft is pushing Game Pass Ultimate (and they have converted me). Videogaming is going digital, it just happened a lot sooner than Gamestop expected.

#14162241 MLB The Show 19 - $39.99 @ Target

Posted by Rodster on 06 May 2019 - 04:03 PM

1) Like most sports games, the majority of sales are within the first week of release. A price drop a month later makes perfect sense.
2) You do know their exclusivity contract is first party only? Nothing is stopping Nintendo and MS from making a baseball game. They're just too lazy to. Why do you think RBI exists?

It's not so much about being lazy it's more about there's not a lot of money to be made in Baseball games. They just don't sell enough which is why EA after they lost out to 2K Baseball decided not to make another Baseball game even going as far as not even wanting to bid on the contract. And let's not forget that 2K regretted buying the MLB License.


For Sony, it makes sense because they also own the hardware and gamers that love good Baseball games would have to buy a PS4.

#14153444 PS Classic Console $29.99 (OOS)

Posted by Rodster on 10 April 2019 - 07:25 PM

Still, $20 too much. I'll bite at $9.99

#14128849 PSA GameStop is changing its pre-order refund policy

Posted by Rodster on 10 February 2019 - 11:13 PM

Who waits 30 days or more to pick up a game they preordered?


The bigger question is, who even pre-orders anymore? The trend is digital delivery and even if someone pre-orders there’s a good chance the price will drop within 2-3 weeks of release. The last time I pre-ordered a game was in 2008.

#14109461 Xbox One X (brand new) $339.99 @ ebay

Posted by Rodster on 24 December 2018 - 10:45 PM

same here. not worth. we’ve had to s’s so far and the os is shit. we sold one and kept one for the few exclusives. with my luck with xbox consoles id rather wait


Same here and i'm pro XBOX since the 1st console they put out. I second the OS i.e. the user interface is one giant clusterfuck that keeps getting worse with each major update. This Gen, I purchased a PS4 Pro and most of my gaming is done on that so no need to get an X1X and really other than Forza, what must have exclusives does Microsoft have that's worth getting a new system for?


I'd rather wait for the next round of consoles to see if Microsoft can do better with exclusives.

#14103257 Burnout™ Paradise Remastered $6 on PSN

Posted by Rodster on 13 December 2018 - 08:34 PM

Burnout Paradise wasn't the best in the series. The one EA should have remastered was Burnout 3: Takedown.

#14100943 Playstation Classic Pre-order @BB, GS, Walmart, Amazon, & Target

Posted by Rodster on 10 December 2018 - 12:38 AM

I see the hacking scene is moving along rapidly with this. Can add games just using a USB flash drive and play them from there. Going to wait a bit more as it continues to evolve and then maybe finally buy one of these systems. I do have $20 in Best Buy reward certs waiting for me to use on this.


As others have said, none of that won't matter if the emulation problems still exists. If the PS1 games still play like shit because of the emulation then it's still only worth around $20 max.

#14098811 Playstation Classic $79.99 at Best Buy (Open Box)

Posted by Rodster on 06 December 2018 - 04:40 PM

In its current state just based off of all the reviews it's not even worth $29.99 and that's being generous. Now if someone finds a way to hack it and allows to play PS1 ISO's hanging off a USB drive and let's you attach a DS4 controller via USB, then i'd be willing to pay more.


Sony once again found a way to Fuck up another good idea. The last time they did that, they introduced the PS Vita.

#14093264 PS4 Slim 1TB + Extra Controller + RDR 2 $199.99 - 12am EST at Walmart

Posted by Rodster on 27 November 2018 - 01:31 PM

TBH, I am disappointed in Wal Mart as a whole for this entire weekend.  Their website crashed extremely fast on Black Friday and then they have a great sale and it lasts 15 seconds on Monday morning that started two minutes early.  I had it able to check out and it wouldn't go through for shipping or store pickup, oh well.


I was at WM on Thursday and had some things my wife wanted picked out in 10 minutes and it took me an hour and ten minutes to check out.  Apparently, there was a fight at the front of the store that caused a great delay...   maybe because they were so disorganized people got pissed.


I did get what I needed in person and was able to order an MK8 Switch bundle online, but the entire experience has left me disliking Wal Mart even more than I already did.

I guess you've lived a sheltered life and have never shopped at Walmart? Let me clue you in as a former Walmart employee, they attract the lowest common denominator of the human species. I'm glad you and yours made it out alive to tell your story.


Here's a small sample of what you're really missing out on.  http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/  :)


Their website can't handle the traffic because they switched from AWS to Microsoft cloud based services. They got into a pissing match with Amazon so they took their website hosting services away from Amazon and gave it to Microsoft.