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In Topic: Nintendo eShop Deals and Discussions

22 June 2022 - 01:22 PM

So anyway… The Keep? Worth $2? Figure that and SFIV sounds like a decent deal towards the $10 eShop card I have to get.

It's not a perfect dungeon crawler but it's fun enough to warrant a purchase for $2, I paid full price and feel I had enough of a decent time to justify the purchase. The replay value is low, but for that price who cares.

In Topic: Nintendo eShop Deals and Discussions

11 May 2022 - 05:25 PM

Amazon with a $40 discount today on actual Switch systems (regular ones).


From what I've read it's a permanent price drop.

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11 March 2022 - 08:46 PM

Even Guile's Theme?

 No Control Fighter Ii Ost Guile Theme (rave.dj)

In Topic: Nintendo eShop Deals and Discussions

10 February 2022 - 03:18 PM

Earthbound coming to NS is also good news but for fucks sake Nintendo, bring Mother 3 to NA already. 

At this point if they did release the game, it would probably be a digital copy. If someone really wanted to play the game, a fan translation exists and is easily accessible. Heck there are custom ROM carts that can be bought to play on the GBA or DS/3DS if you want a physical copy. Why people are so hung up on Nintendo doing an official release when it could already be played with other methods.

In Topic: Target Buy 2 Get 1 FREE video games, movies, books and board games 2/6 - 2/12

07 February 2022 - 05:54 PM

Looks like the Pokemon games are no longer eligible.