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Gamer's Blog > I caught a pass from Cam Newton! *Giving out Tickets to Day 3 of NFL Draft in NYC*

Posted 26 April 2012

I was at the live SportsNation show in Times Square on April 25 2012.

Skip to the end for info on my contest.


I got out of the Times Square station and headed towards Best Buy to pickup my online preorder for Prototype 2. I saw a setup for the Madden 13 cover unveiling. It seemed it was sponsored by EA and GameStop.

I picked up the game, b...

Gamer's Blog > PayPal Update! Now with Gmail Google Checkout/Wallet Facebook Issues!

Posted 12 March 2012

Ok here is the last blog for those that need a reminder or don't know the story: http://www.cheapassg...log.php?b=23707

Now the "new" story:

On Saturday (Mar 10) I go around to several Best Buys and GameStops to prepare for trading in stuff on Sunday including a 360. I made some purchases with my card (small charges like $10) and paid i...

Gamer's Blog > HELP: Paypal funds taken! XBL Link? Do the Shipwrecks know the culprit? Small Update

Posted 08 March 2012


I called up the paypal cs number which was a pain. It is completely automated. I finally got a question where requesting an agent was an option.

The CSR was helpful. He asked if I purchased on ebay recently, asked about my other charges, etc. He removed the paypal case and created a new one saying it was a higher priority case now. The l...

Gamer's Blog > HELP: Starting a website, need registrar/hosting suggestions.

Posted 24 January 2012

Full refund from Bluehost is in process. The domain name has been released so I am (unless someone else registers it) free to "re-register" it.

I am unsure if I should go for separate registrar and web host or someone that does both; I definitely want private registration so personal info does not appear on whois.

The site will be blog format s...

Gamer's Blog > Looking back on that day: September 11, 2001

Posted 10 September 2011

Several years ago (on the #1) while working part-time, I had to get of at Chambers to drop something off. A few months ago I finally took the 1 all the way down to South Ferry (okay likely took 2/3 express after 96 and transferred back). It's hard to imagine that a station between those two stops existed.

While in hs, I had to visit Stuy for a co...