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Blog JoeX111 > Girls, like, ohmygosh, play games!

Posted 26 November 2008

I have to say that when it comes to blatant sexism, nobody does it quite like the videogame industry.

Checking my email the other day, I discovered an advertisement from my once-favorite retailer, GameCrazy. Inside was an image of three girls lying on a bed, under a sparkling banner: “Girls love games!”

To illustrate this point, the background is pink...

Blog JoeX111 > PlayStation: Abandoned Home

Posted 25 November 2008

I was accepted into the PlayStation Home beta last week, and I was horrified to discover that everyone playing it looks, essentially, the same. Where are the freaks? Where are the horrid, butt-ugly creatures we trekked through Cyrodiil with? Everyone on home looks identical—except me. I created the most hideous thing known to man: an overweight beast with...