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24 March 2020 - 06:16 PM


Microsoft announces a new version of DX12, called DX12 Ultimate with all kinds of benefits to performance for Ray-Tracing - https://devblogs.mic...tx-12-ultimate/
AMD on DX12 Ultimate with RDNA2 cards - https://community.am...QlNG_ebY0XZ_8f4
NVidia with DX12 Ultimate with their RTX Cards:
Nvidia Video - On RTX Cards using DX12 Ultimate features & explanation of these features:


Is it a free upgrade for all of us with the original DX12?  Because otherwise  Fuck M$!

In Topic: Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

17 March 2020 - 01:22 PM

I'm right at the end and have been enjoying quite a bit.  Definitely better than the first one.  It's pretty satisfying to run through some of the more difficult platforming sections (though the last ability you get breaks this a bit).

Right at the end?  You guys and your finishing games.  So cute.  I can barely get any started.  Got a mean backlog, though.

In Topic: Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

08 March 2020 - 02:57 AM

I figured most of you owned one of these by now.



That's the Valve Index, right?  Haven't got one yet.  Someday.

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20 January 2020 - 04:29 PM

Anyone have experience with MoCa adapters? I have an existing google mesh but want a faster connection into one room and I wanted to setup a MoCa to it. I know where to out the MoCa in that room but where do I place it on the other side? My cable modem goes directly to google mesh and from there to a switch. Do I put that MoCa between the street and modem? Do I need a splitter somewhere so the data goes back from the switch to the adapter?

I had a MoCa setup in the past.  I believe the MoCa adapter acted as a passthrough for the coax connection.  So you would put it between the wall and cable modem on the one end.  Of course you may not be using the same hardware I used, and if passthrough is not an option, then you would need a splitter or a different wall connection.  But it definitely goes from wall via coax to the MoCa adapter.  In my case it was between the wall and modem on one end and between wall and TV/cable box on the remote side.

In Topic: Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

19 January 2020 - 06:29 PM

Does anyone know how to get 5G and 2.4 to show up? I hooked up my router last night and could only find one connection. When I tried to manually go in and change it the whole thing shut down and the internet didn't work. I watched Ozark and it would go in and out of Dolby Vision every 20 minutes or so.

I definitely have a dual band router so how do I enable 5G and 2.4 GHz visible so I can connect to 5G?

If you name the two connections the same, you will only see one - If you haven't already, give them different names - i.e. MyNetwork-5G/MyNetwork-2.4G.  And of course make sure you're using a client that supports both.  Also note, 5G will be stronger close to the source - you may only see the 2.4G farther away.