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#14279007 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by illennium on 07 April 2020 - 06:54 PM

Haven't really felt like building anything and also trying to save money. Dozens of people I know are infected and four of my friends are ER doctors who are treating covid patients every day. Fortunately no one I know has died yet. It's pretty bad though. I think people in less populated areas don't quite have it in their faces as much as we do here. 731 dead yesterday alone. Sorry to be a bummer.

#14254564 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by illennium on 10 January 2020 - 01:10 PM

I remember when I was a kid you could put two Mega Bloks pieces together and watch as they slowly came apart from each other. I assume the brand has gotten better since then?

#14251543 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by illennium on 01 January 2020 - 03:53 PM

Going to start building Ninjago City soon. It’ll be the largest set I’ve ever built, I think. Hope everyone has a good new year.

#14249832 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by illennium on 27 December 2019 - 10:51 PM

What themes were on clearance? Looking for NinjaGo, cheap Hidden Side and Harry Potter sets, and the Space City sets primarily.

The Walmart I went to had a ton of shelf space for clearance but almost all of the sets had been cleared out. I got:


Overwatch D.Va - $19

Ninjago Titan Mech - $49

Hidden Side Shrimp Boat - $15

LEGO Movie 2 Ultrakatty - $15


They also had a Toy Story RC car for $5 and some Minecraft, Star Wars, and City on clearance. Oh just remembered the Quinjet was $49.

#14249382 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by illennium on 26 December 2019 - 11:02 PM

Got a couple LEGO Movie 2 sets for 90% off at Kohl’s today.

#14241483 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by illennium on 06 December 2019 - 03:00 PM

Here's a video that shows the (very lacking) interior of the Bitch Books (BB). It seems that the top floor isn't enclosed and that both sides have beds... outside?

Fortunately the building is fully enclosed. See the 360 degree view here: https://www.brothers...-bookshop-news/

#14241466 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by illennium on 06 December 2019 - 02:14 PM

The mini promo Gingerbread House apparently has 499 pieces. I know they're pretty much all 1x1, but I'm squinting at that build and still not seeing where all those pieces went.

#14241372 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by illennium on 06 December 2019 - 06:02 AM

Love LEGO's website. My entire order history is blank now. Excellent work good job.

#14237649 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by illennium on 29 November 2019 - 05:12 AM

Instead of buying BrickLink, LEGO should have bought a book about coding and maybe a few extra servers. Their website is one of the worst e-commerce sites that still exist in 2019. Just insanely bad.

#14234814 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by illennium on 25 November 2019 - 02:31 PM

Today's deals are bad: https://www.lego.com...onday-toy-deals


When I saw the sale list a couple days ago I stupidly thought "The Bedrock Adventures" was going to be the Flintstones set.

#14233508 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by illennium on 23 November 2019 - 01:23 PM

If you buy the Disney Train you get quad points. You will get 8580 points because it was already double points this month. It be $65 in reward points.

Damn, looks like they fixed it so now it's just the regular 2x.

#14232876 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by illennium on 22 November 2019 - 02:51 PM

The new Hidden Side sets are good.


The new Star Wars sets are bad.


The new Marvel sets are bad.


The new Ninjago sets are good.


The Trolls sets are good-bad.


The new City sets... honestly parents who are buying their kids police toys in 2019 live in a different world from me so my opinion is completely irrelevant.

#14232858 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by illennium on 22 November 2019 - 02:10 PM

Here is the list of sets that will be 30% off at S&H this weekend, per Reddit:


70840 - Welcome to Apocalypseburg!
75181 - Y-wing Starfighter
75222 - Betrayal at Cloud City
21314 - TRON: Legacy
76112 - App-Controlled Batmobile
42089 - Technic Power Box
60218 - Desert Rally Racer
75884 - 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback
75885 - Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC
75886 - Ferrari 488 GT3 Scuderia Corsa
75951 - Grindelwald's Escape
41384 - Andrea's Summer Heart Box
41385 - Emma's Summer Heart Box
41386 - Stephanie's Summer Heart Box
41387 - Olivia's Summer Hot Box
41388 - Mia's Summer Heart Box

#14232361 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by illennium on 21 November 2019 - 03:31 PM

LEGO on Instagram has released the new Troll sets.


*If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.*


There are new musical note pieces and HUGE new hot air balloon pieces.

Not gonna lie, I am excited to get a bunch of these on clearance, roll up, and make a Burning Man MOC.

#14230475 LEGO Deals 3

Posted by illennium on 17 November 2019 - 01:37 AM

Cloud city is down to $240 on Amazon, time to get it or wAit?

It's down to $204. You'll have to start the checkout process to see the price (it should say Multi-Buy Discount -$40 in your cart).


Add another $7 or $8 item from this list (https://www.amazon.c..._A2H0RBR8EKKLNW) like the Benny's space pack and that will take another $10 off your order, so you can get Cloud City and another small set for right around $200.