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Blog Tom Ato > A list of every game I bought/sold in 2012 with $ and hours.

Posted 28 December 2012

Here it is, year 3. The spreadsheets for 2011 and 2010 are on different tabs.

I tried something different this year: I split up digital and physical purchases. The reason being is that relative cheapness of digital and lack of resellability has caused havoc with my averages. I still included digital content in my dollars per hour calculations though.


Blog Tom Ato > Why the "Vita has no games" arguments are stupid both ways.

Posted 30 September 2012

I'm writing this mostly in response to the Fry's $200 Vita thread which turned into one asinine argument after another that made me think I was actually logged into Gamefaqs. I don't know if this is going to turn out to be a pro or anti Vita rant, I just want to set a few things straight.

1) The amount of time the Vita has been out does not matter.


Blog Tom Ato > Match and Magic Kickstarter

Posted 15 April 2012


Yes this is another video game kickstarter. However this one is done by a family member of mine, and I happened to have had a small part in creating it.

From the Kickstarter Page:
Match and Magic is a puzzle role playing game. You will fight creatures with unique abilities, gain powerful s...

Blog Tom Ato > A spreadsheet of all games I bought in 2011 with prices and hours!

Posted 01 January 2012

This is year 2 of me tracking my game purchases. This year I have included hours played and divided that by cost to get an hours per dollar amount. My goal was for an hour of video game playing to cost a dollar. Thank god for RPGs as I wound up with $.71 per hour. Note that this doesn't include free games from PS+, demo hours (minutes), or games that I bo...

Blog Tom Ato > I wrote a book!

Posted 19 November 2011

Hey everyone, I just thought I'd pop in and announce that my book Flights of Fantasy I is complete! I'm posting about it here since the book is about my love of video games, and CAG helps me get those video games.

It's available as an ebook for only $.99 or in print for $8. The best part is cheapassgamer will get a cut since it's on amazon (which is pr...