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#14474279 Go travel to unfamiliar places and you will see how staged the simulation feels

Posted by cagnewbies on 18 April 2022 - 11:42 PM

Go to places unfamiliar to you or travel, and you will noticed a staged effect. Like the simulation has to free up memory and load NPCs. Similar to a video game where the new area doesn't technically load or exist until your avatar enters it.

The simulation has a counter measure for this though, it will give you an experience of focused intensity, like stubbing your toe or an intense emotional exchange, this is used to re-ground you into the sensation of "realness". However if you can get past these moments or bypass them by not getting too emotionally attached, you can draw your focus back to the staged phenomenon, you can see the plottedness and synchronicity at work.

I know it sounds somewhat crazy to say, but I've noticed it. It's harder to see when you are just in your familiar routine because that stuff is already loaded into ram in a sense.

Even though I'm using digital terminology, I don't believe that it's a digital simulation. It feels more like spiritual planes interacting but we don't have the language for that yet. It's like a power struggle amidst different strata and hierarchy of beings, it's like there's these "others" that want to insinuate themselves into our experience and play at being us. These "pod" people like to play the game hard and "get ahead".

#14475240 I've become what I feared.

Posted by cagnewbies on 24 April 2022 - 07:15 PM

I've become what I feared. A lonely outcast weirdo talking to himself and his pet. Such a weird realization. Makes me very sad.

#14018439 List of All Free Steam Content

Posted by Shawzborne on 29 June 2018 - 02:06 PM

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the Official CAG Steam Freebie Thread.


You can find the latest freebies in the comments below.


The more that people contribute the more awesome this thread will become.


Happy deal hunting!




#14456978 Arcade1up Scam

Posted by D_Icon on 17 January 2022 - 10:10 PM

Who else fell for this scam? CAG had it posted on front page accidentally i presume.

#14456897 I keep shifting between timelines/realities

Posted by My life is garbage on 17 January 2022 - 05:49 AM

I have been shifting between timelines/universes for awhile now I believe. I have gotten to where I know the exact moment a shift takes place. I had one yesterday while walking. I will feel completely reenergized and there’s always a 1-2 second glitch that happens. The energy level quickly fades away, the glitch is weird though. I don’t know if anyone else here has experienced them, they are surreal. The thing about these shifts is they always end up either the same or worse. The shifting never puts me in a better reality than the previous one. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a glitch in this Matrix/Dystopian reality that only some of us experience.

It amazes me that I am the same person that accomplished so much when I was younger. I’m old now, not ancient or anything, but I sometimes feel much older than I am in these current realities. I don’t want to rehash a lot of stuff I have said, but I don’t even feel like I’m me at times, or maybe everyone else I know has changed. It’s really a weird fewer sometimes. I attracted certain things in my life before, but haven’t been able to since 2012/2013. All of these shifts have drained me I feel like, and left me confused about what to do.

People have completely changed, a lot of you on this sub have pointed that out within your own lives. I may sound like I’m in left field, but I completely believe that we shift realities. I am beginning to think there’s a collective consciousness reality, yet we have individual realities/universes too. The collective consciousness reality would have to do with ME and the changes in society. I’m kinda just thinking out loud here, but how do we shift into a reality that’s the reality we want? The basic laws of the universe from my old universe don’t apply here. I have spent countless hours thinking of ways to “fool” this universe, or whatever universe I have shifted into. I don’t have any answers still. Old wisdom like religion, positive thinking, Think and Grow Rich, etc; don’t apply here for some of us. It’s like The Matrix can counter every thought you have. Does anyone have success in fooling this Matrix/Universe?

#14470987 Free 30 days of FuboTV

Posted by woymfsu03 on 30 March 2022 - 09:38 PM


New subscribers only.
Must be redeemed by midnight.

#9080142 Steam Code Drop ~ NO BEGGING! NO TRADING!

Posted by SpringAvenger on 09 January 2012 - 08:43 PM

I looked on both CAG and Google to see if there was already a Steam drop code thread. Sorry if there is.

No pleading for codes
Please don't private message asking for a code, unless a member who is giving codes says to.
Don't drop fake codes.
If you drop a in-game code please say what it is for.

#14470986 Free 3 months of Apple TV +

Posted by woymfsu03 on 30 March 2022 - 09:34 PM

Must redeem by midnight. Pretty sure it won’t last long here anyway.
New subscribers only sorry.



#12455004 Mr_hockeys uv code drop thread.

Posted by Mr_hockey66 on 30 January 2015 - 12:29 AM

Hey guys. This is just a nice place to drop our unused digital movies codes. In honor of the great Gorillia Moonsoon who started us on this journey. I wont be able to drop like Gorilla did but any codes I have can drop here. Please no selling or trading. There is a place for that. If you take a code please post you took it. Its pretty cool of people to give you free stuff least you can do is say thank you.


I'll start us off with a fresh planes fire and rescue code. UV has been reedeemed. Google play, itunes, and DMA/DMR may still work.



#12714813 Amazon Free Trials & Offers: Amazon Prime, Student, Mom (Oh My!) Amaz...

Posted by CheapyD on 29 May 2015 - 09:02 PM

There are a surprising number of these, so I'm listing them in one place and will update.  Feel free to share if I've missed any.  Thanks!


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