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Today, 08:22 AM

I don't know if anyone posted this already, but Kroger has a digital coupon right now that takes 10% off the purchase of 3 GameStop gift cards that total $75 if you have the store rewards card.  So, you can buy 3 $25 GameStop gift cards for $67.50.  Hope this helps someone.



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Yesterday, 10:02 AM

Kinda like Torment levels in diablo 3.

I felt "tormented" playing Minecraft Dungeons on Game Pass on my Xbox One.  Boring.  But easy achievements.

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28 May 2020 - 10:15 PM

dude, this is gold. Also, I don't ignore it at all. I mine it a lot. There's an android app that would maximize your earnings by doing all searches (I don't want people to abuse the system like me though)

People use the PS Prices website for PlayStation 4 sales, but it's been updated to include every current system's sales.  Enjoy!

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28 May 2020 - 10:11 PM

Minion Masters: Charging Into Darkness DLC is free on Steam until June 3rd.



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28 May 2020 - 04:10 PM

Hey guys, can someone help me out here. I have gamepass, I have a large steam library (i prefer pc) and I love indie games. I have $13 that i need to spend tonight on XBOX (from bing rewards). Is there anything that's exclusive to the xbox? I'm looking for indie games or maybe a AAA that might be exclusive... any type of game actually.


I was goign to preorder Tony Hawk, but I have GCU, so I rather buy it physical. I almost have like no need for bing reward money.


ANY ideas appreciated.

Bing Rewards can be used to extend your Game Pass, so I wouldn't ignore it completely.  A few minutes of searches a day can make a difference, and there are specific Game Pass quests that will help you to rack up lots of points in a short amount of time.  Hey, free is free!


Anyway, I use the Xbox One tab on PS Prices to show me what's currently on sale.  That way, you can get the most out of your Xbox funds.