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In Topic: Goozex Gift Card Sale! June 20th-July 4th!

25 June 2010 - 02:57 PM

Hey everyone,

A little late to posting here, and thanks to game_fanatic for posting quickly! So yeah, we're having a 50% off gift card sale on those shown in the OP.

One way I'd like to think of the gift card sale is that it's 50% off points -- which means it's 50% off all games & movies on Goozex!

The sale ends July 4th and you don't have to be an active trader to purchase a gift card and then get games and movies from other Goozex members.

Reminder: Our PS3 Month promotion ends next week -- and with the gift card promo you can get PS3 games without using tokens.

Happy trading, saving & playing!


In Topic: GOOZEX - PS3 Month w/FREE Trades & Prizes!

01 June 2010 - 03:38 PM

I assume that this needs to be active offers and not on-hold offers?

Yes, correct. All offers must be active to be eligible.

In Topic: The 7th Annual Cheapy Awards - Awards Ceremony

15 March 2010 - 02:18 PM

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to jump in and say a quick thanks to CheapyD and the CAG community. This past weekend we got to see a few CAGers at the regular CAG/Goozex DC meetup and we really get to hear from you what you want out of Goozex. This is an awesome award to win and all I can really say is that we'll be working hard to make the service even better as we continue to grow.

Thanks for your support and big thanks to CheapyD!

-GTeam (Jon, Valerio & Mark)

In Topic: Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card From Goozex!

14 December 2009 - 04:16 PM

Hey everyone,

We have sent the confirmation email out to the randomly chosen winner. The email is from marketin @ goozex.com and has the following subject:
"Goozex - CAG $500 Amazon Gift Card Winner!"

Please be sure to check your spam filter.

It's been an amazing 2009 and I think we've ran 3 or 4 big ticket giveaways here on CAG this year alone. We're always blown away by the responses and just how awesome the CAG community is. For those of you that have joined and traded on Goozex, thank you! We hope you've had a great experience. That's our #1 job here -- to give you the best in online game trading. Stay tuned for 2010 to be another awesome year.

Member promotions reminder:
1. Free movie trading for all members
2. Free trading for all student members that have ".edu" emails registered
3. Bonus points for trading hot movies and games
4. Trade 10 movies get a free movie on us

To CheapyD: you make the rockin world go round. Seriously, thanks for letting us be a part of your special website.

Happy Holidays and Happy Trading!


In Topic: Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card From Goozex!

27 November 2009 - 04:17 PM

Hey everyone,

Got to the party a little late. Thanks, as always, to CheapyD for letting us run these promos here. CAG has been with us since the beginning and it's our way of giving back to one of the best gaming communities anywhere.

We were talking with CheapyD about a great prize and he suggested an Amazon Gift Card. Something along the lines that it is gold here. So we're hoping to get the winner announced so they can splurge for this Holiday season. Good luck to everyone!

To those that may not be aware, we are running a few promos on Goozex.

1. No Student Fees Promo: Signup with or change your email to an ".edu" and you'll get free trades (no tokens needed) through January 31, 2010. High tuition sucks and we're trying to help out our student members!

2. FREE Movie Trading (no tokens needed for any movie trade for all members) -- this is through January 31, 2010 and applies to any movie trade

3. Bonus Points on Hot Trades: Trade select hot games and movies and earn bonus points on them. 200 points for games and 100 points for movies. The lists are updated on a regular basis and really works well with our Goozex Exchange. Basically trade 2 games and get a new free game!

List of eligible games:

List of eligible movies:
http://www.goozex.co...s=1&fic=V<br />
4. Trade Any 10 Movies & Get A New One FREE
From now until January 31, 2010 you can get a NEW movie for FREE from Goozex by trading out 10 of your previously owned films. So you get the points and a new movie! To be eligible you need 10 positive feedbacks on any movie trade completed by January 31, 2010. The following are the pre-selected movies you can receive with this promotion for DVD or Blu-Ray only:

Star Trek
Transformers: Rise of the Fallen
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Terminator Salvation
District 9
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
Inglourious Basterds
Angels & Demons

Ok that's it for now. Good luck and thanks again to CheapyD and everyone in the CAG community. Happy Holidays and happy trading!