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Target Clearance Thread XXII

30 April 2014 - 06:36 PM

Welcome to the Target Clearance Thread XXII


Target Clearance Thread XXI HERE

Target Clearance Thread XX HERE


Rule #1 YMMV


Rule #2 Go to the Target Clearance Trading Thread for trade requests.


Rule #3 Post only verified price drops.  (system, game, price, DPCI)


Rule #4 Keep extraneous discussion to a minimum!!! 



List of clearance games and prices by system are in the second post.



Link to search for items using Target's online item #:

Find In Store

You can also take the DPCI # and search on Target.com for an exact match and then use the store locator there.


If you are having trouble with the above search here are more detailed directions:

Take the DPCI #s and search on target.com for an exact match and then use the store locator there. If there isn't an exact match, try googling Target and the DPCI #. For instance, on the 500 gb Seagate hard drive, it doesn't show up on the site. Google shows the online # as 13730271. Then, you can plug the online # in http://m.target.com/fiats/t- and put the online number after the - so the link would be: http://m.target.com/fiats/t-13730271. Hit enter, plug in your zip and it should work.


I will be compiling a list of clearance games and prices by system in the second post.



AS IS and SALE price reductions will not be listed in the second post. Feel free to report them in the thread.