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Blog GrilledWitOnions > IPhone users, I need some input and opinions!

Posted 27 March 2011

Few things to get out of the way:
I was, about a year ago, a HARDCORE Android supporter. I bought a Motorola Droid.

Currently, I feel let down by Android. It's not getting better fast enough. I think Google can do it but they aren't focusing. I like just about every feature of Android, I just hate the laginess and force crashes, although I am thinking it...

Blog GrilledWitOnions > Maybe a Happy Blog for Once...

Posted 12 February 2010

So I've written all of 3 blogs, mostly sort of opinion pieces about stuff I think sucks and the stuff that is better than it. So I thought that I should try writing something more personal and maybe a little less on the bitter-old-man side of things. Word of warning: this will basically be a self-involved story about me - I'm hoping it's sort of interesti...

Blog GrilledWitOnions > iPhone and Nexus One: Deep Thoughts

Posted 06 February 2010

Lemme preface this blog with this: I am sort of a Google fanboy. I love Google. They've never really done me wrong. They seem to share the same ideals and love of tech that I have.

I don't like Apple much. They make decent computers which run well only because they force the hand of anyone that uses them. They are complete closed off and that's the way t...

Blog GrilledWitOnions > Media Managers: A Short Review

Posted 17 December 2009

My last (and first and only) blog was a general inquiry into what others thought a good media player would be; in this, my second (final?) blog, I would like to review a few media managers I've tried. This is not comprehensive and will be pretty short, but a recent forum thread has sparked my interest in this again and blogs are fun to write. Also please...

Blog GrilledWitOnions > I want to buy an MP3 Player, really, I do...

Posted 18 September 2009

Problem is, there doesn't seem to be an MP3 player that has the feature set I want. It's almost 2010, it seems like we ought to see a good contender for best MP3 player ever. (Also, when I saw MP3, yes, I mean PMP, DAP, whatever the hell you wanna call it. Don't get all semanticy on me.)
I must admit I have a pretty tall order of features I'm looking for,...