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Today, 05:21 PM

Maybe they can get Like a Dragon: The Man Who Erased His Name  next.

What for? There's an English Asian coming out in November. 

In Topic: Limited Run Games Thread - Nothing is Limited, We Make Everything Now!

12 September 2023 - 10:18 PM

For me living in Europe buying from LRG directly is still the best option. We'll see what the EU warehouse will do if it ever materializes, but until then I'm kinda okay with things as they are, aside from some absurd production and shipping times that definitely need to improve.


Open orders….sure, sounds fun! 

In transit right now:


TMNT Radical Edition SWI

American Hero SWI

Raiden IV + V SWI


Blossom King II SWI

Night in the Woods CE SWI


Open orders:


Stellatum PS5

Buddy Simulator 1984 SWI


Garden Story SWI

Day of the Tentacle CE PS4


Valis Collection II SWI
River City Girls 2 Ultimate Edition SWI


Neo Geo Pocket Selection 2 SWI

Full Throttle CE PS4


Radiant Silvergun CE SWI


Konami Arcade Classics Anniversary SWI

Bloodshore PS4

Ara Fell & Rise of the Third Power SWI

Spidersaurs! CE SWI

Demon's Tilt SWI


Return to Monkey Island SWI

Demons of Asteborg SWI

Steel Assault CE SWI


Kung Fury SWI

Shin-Chan SWI


Toodee & Topdee SWI

Lunark SWI

Deathwish Enforcers CE SWI


Trip World DX CE SWI


Gimmick! CE SWI

Heart of the Woods SWI


Scarlet Symphony SWI

Castelvania Advance SWI


Eh. More than I thought. But I'm looking forward to each of those.

In Topic: Limited Run Games Thread - Nothing is Limited, We Make Everything Now!

10 September 2023 - 06:58 PM

Raise your hand if you're not free from LRG yet. :wave:


Um…I'm not. Nor do I want to be. :)


Despite all their troubles my enjoyment of their products far outweighs any negatives, for me personally. I'm all for massive improvements on their end, but as of now, I'm good.


That being said, I have ordered relatively few games from them lately. "Castlevania Advance" and "Scarlet Symphony" most recently, June had "Stellatum" and "Buddy Simulator 1984", but not a single thing in July. May also had only a single order, with "Heart in the Woods" and the "Gimmick!" CE.

So that's noticably less than in the past. I'm not complaining though, Amazon Japan is murdering my wallet this year :)

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08 September 2023 - 09:48 AM

Is Gargoyles the big get?

No, that one was announced before, see above.


I'm sure it's Snatcher. 

In Topic: Limited Run Games Thread - Nothing is Limited, We Make Everything Now!

03 September 2023 - 01:37 PM

I barely have time to game anymore so I'd say 20% of my gaming purchases are for play and the other 80% are for collecting purposes, not necessarily as an investment but simply because I like the aspect of collecting with a "eh... not gonna help be retire but I could prob get my money back if I ever decide to get rid of it" (so you won't see me buying annual sports games but I might buy the occasional shovelware if it's cheap enough). Hence the regret with so many of my LRG purchases- can't even get my money back on them. 

I see. And that's a sentiment I can share, actually. While I try to play a lot more than 20% of my games, it is indeed a good feeling to be able to sell everything with little to no loss, even if it's just in theory. That goes for retail stuff as well as limited, and therefore it's a sad sight to behold when LRG titles plummet in value or don't even find buyers at all. 

In those early days of LRG I was pretty sure that given their rarity in print numbers and general obscuristy, pretty much every game would become somewhat interesting to collectors in the long run. Never bought anything with the intention to sell but making those purchases felt good, on several levels. Of course many people thought so, hence the scalpers.

I dwveloped first doubts about that rather early on with the release of "Lost Sea" but hey, super small print numbers, even that game will at least hold its initial value, right?

…..my personal eye-opener was when LRG sold "Nex Machina" and "Crawl" for 9.99$ all of a sudden. Didn't change anything about my purchase habits but that was the moment I understood that most of these games will never have any collector value, not even talking about monetary value. Even if you print only 1.000 copies, and it usually at least double that, the group of hardcore collectors seems to be rather in the mid triple-digits.


I mean, even now, look at what Red Art Games is doing. Making a mere 300 copies of their games a Deluxe Variant, the rest is shipped off to Amazon and whatnot, and even those 300 copies never sell out. That's ….saying a lot.